Report: WWE Interested in Bringing Back Braun Strowman

There have been a lot of wrestlers released in WWE this year. It might be more than any other year in a very long time. Out of all the names released, the biggest name WWE let go (also the most surprising release) was Braun Strowman on June 2. Strowman’s release came with the usual 90-day no-contact clause, so he hasn’t been able to sign with another wrestling company. He has still been getting paid by WWE until the 90 days are up.

There is a new report via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “here is interest in bringing Strowman back especially after recent AEW signings.” Those AEW signings would be CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, both of whom have been rumored to be going to AEW in the near future.

Strowman’s release took place just over two weeks after he lost a WWE Title match at WrestleMania Backlash. It’s very rare for a guy for wrestling in one of the biggest matches at a PPV, and then getting released a few weeks later.

After Strowman’s release, there were reports about how WWE felt like maybe they had no more use for the 37-year-old Strowman (he turns 38 years old in September) and that his enormous salary (believed to be around $1 million guaranteed with bonuses) was a reason why he was cut.

TJR Thoughts: I thought the Strowman release was a big surprise and also a bit foolish on WWE’s end. I get that they were paying him a lot and may want to save money, but I think Strowman has a lot of value as an established giant that WWE should keep using moving forward. I think it would be smart for him to re-sign with WWE if they offer him the same kind of deal he had before.