“Renewed Optimism” In WWE Following Raw

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A new report has shed light on the mood backstage following the first WWE Monday Night Raw with Triple H at the helm.

With Triple H installed as Head Of Creative following the departure of Vince McMahon from WWE, there was a lot of anticipation around what changes would be made to the way shows were running and how quickly it could be done.

Whilst SummerSlam was greeted with praise and laid down a lot of frameworks for what was to come, the following night’s edition of Monday Night Raw would be the first sign of what could be expected on a weekly basis.

The show came across as extremely fresh, with new matchups, a focus on the United States Championship, and a push for several wrestlers who hadn’t been showcased in such a high-profile light under the old regime such as Ciampa and Mustafa Ali.

A new report has discussed how there was such positivity surrounding the event, that there was even a “renewed optimism” even from those who were not competing on the show. The report from Fightful Select also notes that a current NXT has told them that it is a “great sign” Dakota Kai has been brought back to the company.

It is also said that two “top talents” have stated that they are looking forward to facing different opponents rather than having the same matches every week, which seemed to have become the norm.

Other positive notes from the report include how a “top wrestler” from outside WWE praised the renewed focus on the women’s division, and that were plenty of good vibes around the roles given to Ciampa and Mustafa Ali.

This is all said to be a far cry from the mood just a few months ago, with the chaos which surrounded the 2022 Royal Rumble.