Plans For Bray Wyatt On Tonight’s WWE SmackDown [Spoilers]

Bray Wyatt

A new report has given some details on what we can expect from Bray Wyatt on the October 14th edition of WWE SmackDown.

On October 8th, Bray Wyatt made his much-anticipated return to WWE following a cryptic campaign involving white rabbits, QR codes, and Jefferson Airplane.

As Extreme Rules came to a close, the lights went out and “He’s got the whole world in his hands” played in the arena. Then, people dressed as characters from the Firefly Fun House were spotlit in the crowd one by one.

Finally, a doorway that had appeared at the top of the ramp opened and Wyatt walked through with his signature lantern in hand to a huge reaction from the Philadelphia crowd. He then blew out the light to end the show.

Fans hoping to find out what would happen next on Raw may have been disappointed that Wyatt did not make an appearance in person. However, video packages aired during the show featuring a distorted message telling viewers to “revel in what you are.”

There was also a new QR code which led to a tease that he would be appearing on the October 14th edition of SmackDown, which WWE later confirmed. PWInsider had previously confirmed that Bray Wyatt will be part of the blue brand’s roster going forward.

Fightful Select has revealed some of the details about his appearance on the show, noting that he will be a focal point of SmackDown.

The new mask WWE is bringing in for Wyatt is internally known as the ‘Uncle Howdy mask’, and the abandoned Firefly Funhouse seen at Extreme Rules will be used once again.