Ex-WWE Star “Petitioned” For Royal Rumble Confrontation With Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley

A former WWE Superstar intensely wanted a confrontation with Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble.

Now known in professional wrestling as Chris Adonis, Chris Masters once pushed for World Wrestling Entertainment comeback. Prior, Masters has already had two different stints with the promotion, and neither ended well.

Originally in 2005, he was actually being pushed as a possible breakout superstar, but he would ultimately be released at the end of 2007 after he would violate the Substance Abuse and Drug Policy of WWE on a second occasion. Masters would eventually make a comeback to the company in 2009, but following a lackluster couple of years, WWE once again cut him.

Making an appearance on NBC Sports Boston’s “Ten Count” for an interview with Steve Fall, Masters stated that he originally had no interest in going back to World Wrestling Entertainment for a third time.

“In terms of a comeback, all I can say is the desire is always there a little bit, because this is what I love to do and I still do it. Even as far as last year, as long as I’ve been outside of WWE, I’ve never pitched to come back. It’s just because I didn’t look at it like an option after the second time. After the first time, sure, but after the second time, it’s like, I gotta move on. I still wanna wrestle, but it’s just not gonna be on television with WWE, and that’s okay.”

However, Masters’ feelings changed after he felt like he could do something with Bobby Lashley, and he expressed interest in maybe returning to WWE for that third go-around, however, timing would end up complicating things and it would fall through.

“When you also think of the whole Bobby Lashley aspect — the idea of the Hurt Lock-Master Lock thing — and so when Royal Rumble came around, I kind of started petitioning for it a little bit. There was some talks with some of the people I knew in WWE, so it wasn’t it was just going on deaf ears, but Bobby Lashley ended up not being in the Rumble.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.