MJF Reportedly Signed Contract Extension With AEW


There is speculation that MJF may have a signed a contract extension with All Elite Wrestling.

While on a audio program, Wade Keller talked about AEW‘s locker room, mainly with a focus around all of the controversy and backstage altercations that have happened over the past few months.

On the outside looking into AEW, things look pretty bad for the promotion right now with everything going on behind the scenes, however, Keller is claiming that’s note the case at all, and that everything is pretty smooth at the moment for Tony Khan and company.

Keller brought up MJF as well, speculating that he secretly signed a contract extension with All Elite Wrestling, but the company has not made any official announcement because of the future storylines that involve him.

Also, Keller went on to say that MJF doesn’t stir up trouble backstage unlike what his gimmick portrays, and if he wants the role, the “Devil” could actually be a leader in the locker room.

“The MJF thing isn’t a big topic of conversation. He’s back. My belief is he signed an extension even if he’s telling everybody on and off camera he didn’t. I think he did. Unless someone has seen the contract, I think it’s presumptuous and potentially faulty reporting, to analyze for the MJF situation, as if Tony Khan made a mistake by not signing him to an extension.

It’s in their interest to say he didn’t because they have a storyline planned for a year from now where MJF is likely going to announce he is staying at AEW. I think he got paid big money and got that extension he wanted. And Tony put whatever issues he had with how MJF handled the situation aside, gave him what he wanted, and went from there.”

H/T WrestlingNews.Co