MJF Reportedly Does Not Want To Turn Face

MJF posing at the crowd

With MJF seemingly easily able to rub fans up the wrong way, a new report claims the AEW star wouldn’t want to turn face but explains that it never hurt a wrestling legend.

MJF has become one of the most hated villains of the present day, with the two-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner seemingly at home on the microphone in front of any type of crowd.

Having made his return by being the Joker in the Casino Ladder Match at All Out, MJF confirmed at the end of the most recent edition of Dynamite that he would be cashing in his poker chip. However, in a move which didn’t befit his dastardly ways he confronted AEW Champion Jon Moxley face to face and confirmed he would cash in at Full Gear, rather than with a blindside attack as you might have expected.

Whilst this has led some to believe that ‘The Salt Of The Earth’ could be about to become a fan favorite, Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio has commented that he knows MJF doesn’t want to make that switch. He went on to explain that he can still be cheered by the fans even if he continues as a villain, similar to Ric Flair did throughout his career.

I know he doesn’t want to turn.

He can be a heel and they cheer him, that’s fine. Ric Flair was like that his whole career… Whoever the people cheer for, that’s fine as long as the dynamic is there that people want to pay for tickets, I don’t care if the cheer for both guys. I don’t care if they boo both guys. I don’t care if they boo the baby face. If they’re paying for tickets, and they’re watching the TV, the crowd can do whatever they want.

MJF has also consistently teased that his contract with AEW is up in 2024, and could head to WWE. He recently revealed who he would like his first opponent to be if he did switch sides.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.