MJF Names First Desired Opponent If He Goes To WWE


MJF already knows his first target if he decides to sign with WWE in 2024.

In less than 15 months, he becomes a free agent in the world of professional wrestling, and as a result, he could soon be on his way to World Wrestling Entertainment, and if he does, he already knows who he wants to face off against first in the ring. The “Salt of the Earth” officially becomes a free agent in January 2024 when his current AEW contract expires.

On Twitter, the “Devil” was having a question and answer session with his followers, and one of them asked him who would be the first person he would want to wrestle if did indeed sign with WWE.

Simply, MJF tweeted to the fan:


After the “Devil” posted his thought on the matter, fans immediately were drawn to the idea of a potential MJF vs. Kevin Owens bout in the future. Not just that either, but fans also were excited about the battles they would have via promos, as the wrestling community considers both of them strong in that department.

He was also questioned on social media if WWE was actually interested in him, or he just says the “bidding war of 2024” in an attempt to generate a pop from the audience.

The claimed future free agent responded:

“Very much so legit. Contracts up Jan 1 2024.”