The John Report: AEW All Out 2022 Review

aew all out 2022 review moxley cm punk

It’s AEW All Out featuring Jon Moxley defending the AEW World Title against CM Punk while the first Trios Champions will be crowned and many more title matches.

There were 15 advertised matches for the show including the “ZERO HOUR PRE-SHOW” before the 8pm ET start time. Most AEW PPVs run right around four hours. I ordered the show on Fite TV here in Canada. I’m happy to support AEW. Check out my past AEW PPV reviews right here on TJRWrestling.

I am not going to write reviews of the four Zero Hour pre-show matches. I usually don’t review pre-show matches because AEW shows usually run about four hours and it’s a lot. I may not write as much in the “Analysis” section for the matches because there’s been so much to cover this past week including previews, reviews and news posts. Here are the results of the pre-show matches.

* Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo defeated Ortiz & Ruby Soho at 6:01 to retain the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship.

* Hook defeated Angelo Parker by submission at 3:55 to retain the FTW Championship.

* Pac defeated Kip Sabian at 12:25 to retain the All-Atlantic Championship.

* Eddie Kingston defeated Tomohiro Ishii at 13:25. I might that watch that one at a later time.

Let’s get to the main show.

AEW All Out
Sunday, September 4, 2022
From NOW Arena in Chicago, Illinois

It’s Sunday night and you know what that means. The commentary team of Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcomed us to the show. Some pyro went off while showing the crowd. They aired some commercial for Draftkings, which is a presenting sponsor that they will mention many times.

They were starting with the Casino Ladder match with ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta and Rey Fenix starting the match.

Casino Ladder Match

Two guys start the match and other join during the match. The winner will be the guy that puts the ladder under a poker chip above the ring and that winner gets a future AEW World Title shot. Yuta and Fenix were fighting on the floor near a ladder with Yuta sending Fenix into the ladder that was against the barricade. Yuta was slowly climbing the ladder while Rush was slowly going down to the ring. Rush got a hold of Yuta in the ring and suplexed him onto the ladder against the ropes. Rush hit a dive onto Fenix on the floor and sent Fenix into the barricade multiple times. Andrade El Idolo was up next as the fourth man in the match to join his buddy Rush.

Andrade got into the ring with Rush as they touched fists while a ladder was set up under the poker chip. Rush sent Fenix into the ring post and Andrade battled Yuta on the floor a bit. There was already a ladder under the poker chip, so Andrade and Yuta climbed on opposite ladders. Andrade probably could have grabbed the poker chip, but he hit a sunset flip Powerbomb on Yuta onto a bridged ladder. The ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli was up next with a forearm as the fans chanted “Claudio” for him. Andrade was on one side of the ladder, so Claudio flipped it over a bit while one of the ladder was bridged against the vertical ladder. I don’t know what they were going for, but Andrade eventually fell off the ladder over the top to the floor. Dante Martin was the next man in the match and he had to no sell a ladder falling on him so he can do spots with Claudio and Fenix. Martin sent Fenix and Claudio to the floor followed by Dante jumping onto a adder and then dropkicking Yuta. Claudio caught Martin on a ladder and Martin gave Claudio a hurricanrana over the top to the floor. Penta El Zero Miedo was next to join his brother Fenix. Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer on Martin on the ramp and a Slingblade on Rush at ringside. Penta kicked an upside down Yuta against the turnbuckle and a backstabber double knees to Claudio. Andrade tried a move on Penta on the ladders, but Penta fought back and Fenix kicked Rush off the apron. Penta hit a Destroyer on the ladder bridge. Fenix hit a Frog Splash off the top turnbuckle onto Rush. There were some random guys in black hoods that went into the ring to beat up the wrestlers in the match. Some guy held onto the ladder while a guy climbed the ladder and pulled down a casino chip. It was Stokely Hathaway. Stokely had Ethan Page, Colten & Austin Gunn, W. Morrissey and Lee Moriarty with him. There was a song playing while a guy in a black jacket and mask on his head. The guy went into the ring and Hathaway handed him the poker chip to win. The Joker was announced as the winner of the match. It went 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: The Joker

Analysis: **3/4 I can’t go that high due to the finish. It was full of big spots and not a lot of attempts going for the poker chip when it all fell apart after the mystery attackers made their way down to the ring. Stokely Hathaway getting the casino chip is certainly not what I predicted, but obviously it’s in the hands of the Joker now.

After the match, The Joker looked like he was going to reveal himself and then he didn’t do it. He walked away with this group.

Analysis: It looked like MJF to me. We’ll find out in the future. It looks like Stokely has a stable in this company that really likes having stables. That’s fine with me because I like Ethan Page especially in that group.

The Dark Order’s John Silver and Alex Reynolds entered with “Hangman” Adam Page with Silver/Reynolds wearing some Hangman gear. The Young Bucks were next with Excalibur excited about their shoes. Kenny Omega got the long entrance from Justin Roberts as usual. The new titles were at ringside.

Trios Tag Team Championships: The Elite: Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson vs. “Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds

Don Callis joined commentary to support his buddy Omega. Matt started with Reynolds as I think as I missed the start, but then Silver tagged in for a forearm to Matt’s lower back that had some tape on it. Page didn’t like when Silver and Reynolds were double teaming Matt behind the referee’s back, so the story is Page was showing sympathy. Omega tagged in as the crowd popped for this showdown between former World Champions Page and Omega. There wasn’t much between them as Silver tagged in with an armbar on Omega and Reynolds sent Omega’s left arm into the turnbuckle. Silver tagged in leading to a double dropkick to Omega’s face. Page tagged in, then got mad at Silver wrenching the arm, so the story is that Page has sympathy for his opponents. Page and Omega exchanged chops, then Page hit a boot to the face and a fallaway slam across the ring. Page went for a springboard move, then Nick kicked Omega and hit a senton splash illegally. Matt kicked Silver/Reynolds down so Nick hit a dive on both of them for some more random spots. Matt tagged in with an elbow drop off the top for two. The Elite guys did some triple teaming after some tags (which is actually fine because you can do moves after tags) and Omega hit a neckbreaker onto a knee for two. Page escaped a move attempted by Omega leading to Page hitting a Death Valley Driver on Omega. Silver tagged in against Matt with a clothesline. Silver kicked Nik in the head, Silver dove onto Cutler, knocked down Omega, kick to Nakazawa and Nick kicked Silver to stop that. Silver held Nick in a suplex spots as Reynolds hit a dive for a combo suplex move. Silver hit a Spin Doctor slam on Matt for two with Omega making the save. Matt blocked a suplex attempt leading to a double release Northern Lights Suplex attempt. Omega went up top and hit a diving cross body block on Silver. Omega with Snapdragon suplexes two times, but then Silver delivered some kicks and Omega hit another Snapdragon Suplex. Nick and Matt were into the ring illegally doing spots, then Page and Reynolds were in so all three guys on the Dark Order side were in doing strikes as Reynolds got a jackknife pin on Omega for two. Bucks tripped up Silver, double superkicks for Page and Reynolds. Omega with a V-Trigger knee on Silver out of the ring. Omega took a long time to set up his rope run into a somersault dive onto the three opponents. Reynolds countered Matt leading to Page and Nick kicking Matt by accident. Reynolds with a backstabber on Matt while Page hit a moonsault off the turnbuckle onto the floor. Page and Dark Order hit a Pendulum Bomb triple team move with Nick hitting a dive to break it up. Why does the referee count when one team has three guys in the ring? At least try to follow tag team logic. Meanwhile, the fans chant “fight forever” so nothing will ever change. The Bucks and Dark Order did about eight superkicks in 20 seconds to knock eachother down. Page and Omega tagged in as the crowd exploded again.

Page and Omega exchanged punches again, then Page hit a boot and Omega hit a clothesline. Page landed on his feet after a suplex, but Omega hit him with a knee followed by the Tiger Driver 98 that’s a brutal move for a two count. Page barely sold that devastating and was able to get a fallaway slam off the top rope for two. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat from behind Omega and didn’t go for a pin. Matt looked at Page, Omega ducked a Buckshot Lariat and Nick hit a Buckshot Lariat. Bucks hit a double knee to the face for two and didn’t stop Reynolds to break it up, so it was a two count. Omega went for a knee, but Page collapsed to the mat. Silver kicked Omega, then Reynolds tripped up the Bucks and Silver rolled up Omega for two. Omega hit a V-Trigger knee on Silver followed by a One Winged Angel, but Silver countered it into an inside cradle for two. Awesome nearfall there that popped the crowd. Tony said they’ll remember the match for decades. Page jumped in with a Buckshot Lariat, Omega ducked and Page hit Silver by accident. Omega pinned Silver to win after 20 minutes.

Winners by pinfall AND NEW Trios Tag Team Champions: The Elite: Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson

Analysis: **** It was a fun match that was full of excitement and of course, the usual random spots where they ignore who the legal man is throughout the match. I still don’t think that kind of wrestling is very good. Anyway, the story was that Hangman was hesitant to beat up his friends on the other team and that hesitation may have cost his team a bit. Then Omega hit Silver with his finisher, so that cost them the match as well. It was because Omega moved out of the way, which means it was clearly an accident by Page. I’m sure certain wrestling observers will rate this match higher than me because of who was in the match. Tony Schiavone talked about this match like people will speak about it for decades. I highly doubt that, but Tony overrates everything on these shows.

Kenny and The Young Bucks celebrated with the titles. Excalibur put over Omega as the first guy to hold the World Title, Tag Team Titles and Trios Tag Team Titles. It’s almost like he’s an Executive VP in the company. Oh right, he is. Omega spoke into the camera, which backed away, then Kenny swore at him not to back away and Kenny told the guys in the back: “Try to beat that.”

Analysis: That’s a humble guy. If you didn’t think the Young Bucks & Omega were winning these titles when they were created then you haven’t watched enough AEW in your life. The titles were created for them, so of course they were going to win.

They showed highlights of some interview between Jade Cargill and Athena with Jade calling her an “ungrateful bitch.” Jade called Athena number 37 and Athena ranted at Jade that she is not better than everybody.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (w/Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey) vs. Athena

Jade had some green paint on her because she’s money or a She-Hulk fan. Athena was really aggressive early. Athena went up top and hit the O-Face move for a two count because Hogan & Grey pulled Athena off the pin. The referee did nothing about it. He saw them do it, so why not eject them ringside? Because there are spots coming. Jade hit a Samoan Drop. Jade hit a Spear for two. Athena hit a springboard cross body block off the middle ropes for two. Athena jumped off the ropes, Jade caught her and then they had a sloppy exchange, so Athena just hit a superkick. Athena hit a Stunner for a two count. Jade’s friends caused a distraction, but Athena got a rollup for two. Athena went for a move off the ropes and Jade hit her with a pump kick. Jade hit the Jaded slam for the pinfall win. Jade is 37-0 now. I think it was about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jade Cargill

Analysis: *1/2 Easy win for Cargill. It was booked in a way where Athena got the hot start and nearly had it won, but Cargill’s friends helped her. After that, it was a dominant win by Cargill.

They showed an interview with CM Punk joined by Ace Steel from earlier in the day. Punk hyped up that Moxley has to fight Chicago when he fights Punk. Punk added that Moxley beat Punk once, but he’s not going to do it again.

The Motor City Machine Guns duo of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley were next joined by Jay Lethal. Sonjay Dutt was wearing a shirt that said: “Fight Like An 8-Year-Old Brat” instead of girl to mock Dax Harwood. Wardlow was next as the TNT Champion. FTR had their three sets of tag team titles with them. Dax Harwood had his daughter with him at the entrance, so that’s cool to see. The girl went to the ring as the crowd popped for FTR and Wardlow.

Wardlow & FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) (w/Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh)

Wardlow went for a powerbomb on Lethal early, but Lethal got out of it and Sabin tagged in against Harwood. Sabin got the early advantage, then Harwood slapped Sabin the face and Shelley got in the ring with Wheeler as well for a tag team face off. Harwood took control with a clothesline on Sabin. Shelley and Sabin did some clever tag team work leading to Sabin getting a neckbreaker on Harwood. There was a chop by Harwood leading to a belly to back suplex on Shelley. Wheeler was legal, so Harwood slammed Wheeler onto Shelley for two. Wardlow tagged in, then the Guns worked together to try to take down Wardlow, but Wardlow hit a double suplex. There was a distraction from Dutt, so the heel side did some cheap shots on Harwood leading to Shelley getting a two count. The Guns hit some slick double team moves leading to Sabin hitting a low dropkick while Shelley was holding Harwood. Lethal and the Guns worked over Harwood in their corner with some punches, kicks and basic heel tactics. Harwood avoided a kick from Sabin, who hit Shelley with a boot leading to Wheeler getting the tag. Wheeler hit a running back elbow, a chop to the chest and a lariat on Shelley. Wheeler hit a Gory Bomb on Shelley for two since there was a save. Shelley kicked Wheeler in the face followed by a dropkick to the left knee. Lethal and Sabin rammed Wheeler’s knee into the ring post. The Guns and Lethal continued to attack both of Wheeler’s knees as Lethal tagged in with a Figure Four Leglock on Wheeler until Wheeler got his hand on the bottom rope. Cash eventually broke free to bring in Wardlow, who hit a bunch of spinebuster. Wardlow hit the F10 on Lethal, which used to be his finisher and it only got a two count. The Guns went after FTR with double superkicks and Singh punched Wardlow leading to a two count because Dutt distracted the referee. Guns with an illegal attack on Wardlow, then Sabin hit a dive onto FTR on the floor. There were three straight corner dropkicks from Lethal, Shelley and Sabin on Wardlow. The Guns held Wardlow’s legal as Lethal hit a top rope elbow drop off the top for two. Harwood with a Liger Bomb on Sabin, then FTR hit a Big Rig on Shelley and Lethal hit the Lethal Injection both FTR guys. Wardlow with a headbutt on Lethal followed by the power lariat. Wardlow hit the Powerbomb on Lethal to pop the crowd. Wardlow wanted to do more and the fans wanted more so Wardlow hit another Powerbomb on Lethal. Wardlow hit two more Powerbombs on Lethal for four total and that was enough for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Wardlow & FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

Analysis: ***1/2 A pretty good tag team match that was more of a traditional tag compared to the earlier six-man tag team match. Putting over Wardlow in a dominant way was what I expected them to do. I’d like to see FTR vs. the Machine Guns at some point soon. The Machine Guns work for Impact Wrestling regularly.

After the match, ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe went into the ring to get revenge on Lethal’s buddies. Harwood’s daughter Finlay went into the ring to break Dutt’s pencil (like Dutt likes to do) and Finlay pinned Lethal with the referee counting the pin. Dax hugged his daughter in the ring.

A video aired previewing Ricky Starks in a match against is former friend Powerhouse Hobbs, who turned on Starks. It’s a match with an actual storyline, unlike most of the matches on the show.

Powerhouse Hobbs was up first followed by Ricky Starks, who got a good pop from the crowd. Taz talked about his close connection when they were part of Team Tax for a few years.

Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

It started out as a fight right away with Hobbs hitting a suplex. The action spilled to the floor with Hobbs sending Starks into the barricade at ringside. Back in the ring, Hobbs wanted a slam, Starks got out of it and Hobbs kicked Starks in the head for a two count. Hobbs applied a gentle head squeeze followed by a slam. Starks hit a jumping back elbow and a DDT off the ropes for two. Starks ran the ropes leading to Hobbs hit a spinebuster for the pinfall win after five minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Analysis: *3/4 What the hell was that? They actually have a good story going into the match, it’s the chance for them to have a breakout match and Hobbs wins with that. I don’t get it. Lots of Hobbs offense, Starks never got going at all and then it just ended. The crowd was dead for the finish because they probably didn’t think it would be such a short match. This was disappointing. If Starks was hurt then I guess that’s why it ended, but at this point, I don’t know if that’s the reason for it.

They showed some interview between Swerve in Our Glory and The Acclaimed from Rampage. I skipped Rampage this week. Sorry. Too busy.

The Swerve in Our Glory made their entrance as the Tag Team Champions followed by The Acclaimed with Daddy Ass, Billy Gunn. Swerve had a cool jacket with NBA team logos on it. Jim Ross joined commentary starting from this match. JR recently said he wasn’t a big fan of five hour PPV shows. This show will be five hours if you count the pre-show. It is really long. I agree with Jim.

AEW Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory – Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. The Acclaimed – Max Caster & Anthony Bowens (w/Billy Gunn aka Daddy Ass)

There’s no story here other than The Acclaimed are ranked high, but not as high as FTR, who never get title shots. I missed the first couple of minutes of this match. Sometimes a man that drinks ten glasses of water a day needs to use a bathroom. Anyway, I came back to seeing Caster hitting an impressive leap off the middle ropes leading to a headscissors on Lee. Caster rocked Lee again leading to the double dropkick on Lee and they sent Swerve out of the ring. The crowd pops so loud for the scissor thing for some reason. I don’t get it. I’m old, but not nearly as old as Daddy Ass. Swerve finally got some offense going for his team with a forearm to the back of Caster and when Swerve mocked the scissor thing, the fans booed. The fans were chanting “we want scissors” with JR trying to compare it to fans chanting “we want tables.” I don’t know what Lee was doing by staring at Gunn so much, so Caster hit a Cutter on Lee. Bowens tagged in with clotheslines on Strickland followed by a neckbreaker. Bowens with an elbow strike followed by a brainbuster for a two count. Bowens slipped jumping off the middle rope, then he hit a knee left and hit a leg drop to the back of the head. The referee checked on Bowens, who seemed to say his left knee was okay. Swerve caught the legs of Bowens and sent him over the top to the floor. Swerve kicked Bowens to knock him down at ringside and Gunn got in Swerve’s face. Back in the ring, Swerve dropped a knee onto Bowens’ leg. Lee tagged in with a move where he drove Bowens’ left knee onto Lee’s left knee. Lee hit a splash onto the left leg of Bowens. Lee hit a running corner splash on Bowens leading to Lee doing a hard two handed chop to the chest. Lee picked up Bowens with a toss across the ring. Bowens got some offense going with a neckbreaker on Lee off the middle rope. Caster got the tag with a back body drop on Swerve, two clotheslines on Lee and Caster jumped onto Swerve on the floor. Caster jumped off the top with a cross body block on Lee for a two count. Bowens was limping across the ring with two elbows and Bowens collapsed. Caster failed to pick up Lee, who ran the ropes and hit Swerve after Caster moved. Caster with a chop block, Bowens with a knee on Lee and Caster covered Lee for two. Lee headbutted Bowens and sent Caster out of the ring. Bowens collapsed on the left leg again, so Lee kicked Bowens in the leg to knock him down. Lee slowly climbed up top, so Caster went after Lee with punches. Bowens joined Caster leading to a double superplex while Swerve tagged himself in. Swerve jumped off the top with the Swerve Stomp on Bowens for two. The fans popped for that kickout. Swerve stomped on the left knee. Swerve applied a half crap stretching the left knee of Bowens and Caster hit a dropkick. Swerve was legal with Caster leading to Swerve getting a standing side kick for two. Swerve went for a springboard attack, but it was right where Bowens was, so you knew that Bowens was going to pull Swerve down and that’s what happened. Bowens held Swerve on the apron leading to Caster hitting a Mic Drop elbow off the middle rope on the floor. Cool spot.

Lee went into the ring to knock down Bowens and double chop Caster. Gunn was on the apron arguing with Lee, the fans chanted for Gunn and Caster kicked Lee in the head. Caster hit an Attitude Adjustment like move off the shoulders on Lee. Bowens was back in with a spinebuster on Swerve, then Caster hit a Mic Drop and Lee broke up the pin although Keith barely got there. That was close. The crowd thought that was it as they chanted “bullshit” for that nearfall. Swerve hit a slam on Bowens onto the ring apron. Swerve was going after the left knee of Bowens again leading to Swerve hitting a backbreaker. Lee tagged in against Bowens, who tried to fight two guys. Swerve with a kick and Swerve hit a kick on Lee after Bowens collapsed. Bowens rolled up Lee for two. Bowens hit a DDT on Swerve off the ropes for a two count. Lee had Bowens on his shoulders, then Swerve jumped off the top with a Swerve Stomp and Lee hit a powerbomb so Lee covered Bowens for the win. It went 20 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Swerve In Our Glory – Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland

Analysis: ****1/2 Awesome match. I think The Acclaimed should have won the titles in this match. Since Lee & Swerve are singles wrestlers anyway they don’t need a long title run. Maybe they’ll do the title change at the Grand Slam Dynamite show in a few weeks. Bowens did an incredible job of selling although maybe he did really tweak the knee at one point as well. That added to the greatness and drama of that match. Some of the other matches on the show with other wrestlers don’t sell much so they can rush through spots. Sell, sell, sell. It’s important. The Acclaimed are clearly one of the most popular teams in AEW and they should get the titles at some point.

Jon Moxley was shown in a Cincinnati Bengals hoodie. I remember them. They lost to my LA Rams in the Super Bowl. Thank God the NFL is back on Thursday with my Rams starting the season. I’m so ready. Moxley looks ready to start bleeding.

The women’s title four-way match was next so they had a video about it followed by the entrances.

Interim AEW Women’s Championship: Dr. Britt Baker (w/Rebel) vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm

There are no disqualifications or countouts in a match like this. It’s not like AEW does countouts anyway. They did a spot early in the match where they tried doing pin attempts on eachother that didn’t work. The crowd was chanting for Hayter at one point. Hayter got some momentum with a double clothesline on Storm and Shida. Storm avoided a Hayter attack leading to Storm hitting a dive onto Hayter on the floor. Baker hit a Slingblade on Storm on the floor followed by Shida hitting a dropkick on Baker on the floor. Storm and Shida reset in the ring with Storm getting a shoulder knockdown. Shida did a kip up leading to her own shoulder knockdown. They exchanged some weak forearms, Rebel went into the ring because there are no DQs and Storm/Shida headbutted Rebel. Random spot right there. Baker threw Shida out of the ring, Hayter sent Storm into the turnbuckle and stomped on Storm a bit. Hayter picked up Shida, walked her up the ramp and put Shida on the ramp. Baker hit The Stomp on Shida on the ramp with Shida putting her hands on the ramp to take that bump. The AEW doctors checked on Shida selling an injury. The allies Baker & Hayter worked together against Storm as the fans chanted for Hayter again. Baker and Hayter hit a double suplex on Storm. Shida ran back out there with two kendo sticks. Shida attacked Baker and Hayter with the kendo sticks. Shida punched both women repeatedly followed by a dropkick. Shida suplexed Baker onto Hayter in the corner. Shida hit an impressive suplex form the apron into the ring for two. Hayter with a chop, Shida with a kick to the head, Baker with a superkick, Storm kicked Baker and Hayter with a backbreaker. Baker and Hayter pinned Shida at the same time, but Storm broke up the pin attempt. All four women were down selling.

Hayter and Shida got knockdowns on their two opponents. Shida hit a jumping kick to the head followed by a Falcon Arrow for two. Storm broke up the pin with a German Suplex on Shida. Hayter grabbed Storm and hit a Tombstone piledriver on Storm. Shida with double knees on Hayter, then Baker with a superkick on Shida and Baker hit The Stomp on Shida for two. Baker put on her dreaded glove. Baker stares at the hard camera more than anybody in this company. Storm sent Baker out, Hayter sent Storm out and the fans cheered for Hayter, who hit a ripcord lariat for two as Baker pulled referee Paul Turner out of the ring. Hayter was mad at Baker and so were the fans. Storm hit the Storm Zero spike piledriver on Hayter and Baker threw Storm out of the ring for Baker getting a two count on her friend Hayter. The fans chanted for Hayter some more. Storm with a DDT on Baker and a DDT on Hayter. Storm pinned Baker to win. It went 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW Interim AEW Women’s Champion: Toni Storm

Analysis: ***1/4 It was good action that was the second straight match where the fan favorite didn’t win because they wanted Hayter to win. I don’t know if AEW could know that Hayter would be so popular with this crowd, but that’s what they wanted. Storm didn’t get much of a reaction as a face although I expected her to win.

Toni Storm was handed the Interim AEW Women’s Title, they showed her for about ten seconds and cut away. No replays or anything like that. The Young Bucks and Omega’s celebration was way longer. That is not a shock.

A commercial aired for AEW Full Gear on Saturday, November 19 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. What, not Chicago? Shocking.

A video aired to set up the Christian Cage match against Jungle Boy, which has become a personal rivalry.

Christian Cage had on a great shirt that said “Worked Everyone” on it. Jungle Boy’s mom and sister were at ringside, so Jungle Boy’s mom slapped Christian in the face. Christian had a big brace on his right arm, so it looked like he had an injury. Jungle boy was announced as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry so they are going to use his real name again moving forward.

Luchasaurus walked out from the heel tunnel and gave Jack a Chokeslam on the steel that was part of the stage. Luchasaurus carried Jungle Boy down to ringside. You could see the marks on Jungle Boy’s back after landing on the steel grating. Luchasaurus picked up Jungle Boy and gave him a Powerbomb through the table at ringside right in front of Jungle Boy’s family.

Luchasaurus put “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry into the ring and referee Aubrey Edwards checked on Jack. Perry was hurting, but he told the referee he was ready to compete.

Christian Cage (w/Luchasaurus) vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Christian hit a Spear for two. The crowd popped for that nearfall. Christian hit the Killswitch for the pinfall and he got the win, so it was done in under one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Christian Cage

Analysis: 1/4* It was more of an angle than a match with Christian getting Luchasaurus help him with the pre-match attack leading to the easy win. There will probably be a rematch at some point soon. Maybe Christian had an arm injury and that’s why it was kept short.

Post match, Luchasaurus put Christian Cage on his shoulders like Luchasaurus used to do with Jungle Boy.

Death Triangle and Best Friends were interviewed by Alex Marvez. They’re going to have a match on Dynamite. Pac didn’t seem impressed and walked away. There wasn’t much that happened there.

A video aired setting up Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson for one of the biggest matches of the show.

Chris Jericho made his entrance with “Lionheart” Chris Jericho graphics, so they didn’t play the Judas song and instead had the Lionheart song. Jericho had on the black/yellow gear. Jericho gave a middle finger salute to a fan on his way to the ring.

Bryan Danielson was up next with singer Elliott Taylor performing the theme song on the stage.

Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson

They are two of my favorite wrestlers ever. In my top 10 at least for sure. William Regal joined commentary while Daniel Garcia was shown watching on a TV backstage. The fans were chanting something that Jericho didn’t like, so Jericho gave them the middle finger salute. Bryan stomped on Jericho’s face repeatedly, so Jericho retreated to the floor. Jericho delivered a hard chop to the chest. Jericho with another chop as Regal said they are more like palm strikes since Regal has wrestled both guys. Bryan broke free from an armbar leading to a suplex. Bryan stepped on the back of Jericho’s legs while pulling back on the face. Bryan worked over Jericho with repeated forearms to the face. Jericho got a takedown hooking the arms while pulling back on the arms while Regal said that this was the best side of Jericho where he can try to outwrestle somebody. Bryan got out of it asking if you want entertainment, Bryan did a Rick Rude-like hip shake and Bryan tied up the legs into a pin. Jericho with three hard chops, then they exchanged chops and Jericho hit a double underhook backbreaker, which is a move Jericho has done for decades. Jericho did a belly to back suplex followed by the classic “come on, baby” pin attempt. Jericho slapped Bryan repeatedly, then Bryan with a forearm and Jericho knocked him down to the apron. Jericho hit a springboard dropkick on the apron, which is another classic Jericho move. Bryan with a kick to stop a diving Jericho and Bryan jumped off the apron with a knee. Bryan with a missile dropkick off the top to knock Jericho down in the ring. Bryan went for a kick, Jericho avoided it and wanted the Walls of Jericho, but Bryan got out of it. Jericho charged, Bryan moved and Jericho hit the middle turnbuckle. When Bryan tried a hurricanrana off the top, Jericho caught him and applied the Walls of Jericho that looked more like a Boston Crab. That’s a spot that Jericho always used to do with Rey Mysterio. It’s easier with smaller guys. Bryan countered the submission with an inside cradle for two. Jericho charged, Bryan moved and Jericho went over the top to the floor. Bryan hit a suicide dive on Jericho on the floor. Bryan with some chops there.

They went back into the ring, Bryan up top and Jericho tripped up Bryan there. Bryan with a headbutt that knocked Jericho down off the top rope. Bryan jumped off the top with a headbutt, Jericho rolled in to avoid it and when Jericho went for a Lionsault, Bryan got the knees up to block. They exchanged some holds leading to Jericho hit a Tombstone piledriver followed by a Lionsault for two. Jericho with a running kick to the face. Jericho wanted the Judas Effect, but Bryan avoided it with strikes and a hard kick to the head. Bryan said he was going to “kick his f**king head in.” I edited the swear word for you. Bryan stomped on Jericho’s head while pulling on the arms and Bryan applied the LeBell Lock. When Jericho got close to the ropes, Bryan flipped Jericho over with the LeBell Lock applied again. Bryan pulled on Jericho’s back to flip him over, but Jericho countered with an elbow to the head. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho that was like a Boston Crab again, so Bryan was easily able to kick out of it. Bryan with a triangle sleeper with elbows to the head. Jericho managed to send Bryan to the ropes leading to a catapult into the bottom rope. They went for some moves, there were counters, Bryan ran the ropes and Jericho hit a Codebreaker for two. The crowd barely reacted to that nearfall. Jericho applied the Liontamer submission this time putting his right knee near Bryan’s head. Bryan was able to get his hand on the bottom rope to break the hold. Jericho punched Bryan repeatedly with Jericho telling him to “stay down” repeatedly. Jericho with a German Suplex across the ring. Jericho with a German Suplex, Bryan flipped over to land on his knee and Bryan hit the Busaiko Knee for a two count with Jericho getting his left shoulder up. Bryan applied the Cattle Mutilation submission, Jericho rolled out of it and Bryan delivered elbow smashes to the head. Bryan applied the Cattle Mutilation submission again with Jericho pushing his way free to get the right foot on the bottom rope to cause a break. Jericho held onto the ropes, so Bryan kicked him in the back repeatedly. Jericho got a rollup for two. Bryan with a rolling elbow to the head leading to more elbows to the body. They backed their way into the corner, the referee Aubrey Edwards wasn’t able to see it, Jericho hit a low blow back kick and Jericho hit the Judas Effect elbow for the pinfall win after 24 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: **** A great technical wrestling match between two greats. I don’t think I’d call it an exciting match because it was slow at times, but I thought it was well-wrestled for sure. Jericho got the cheap shot low blow that the referee missed and that was the end of the match. I was surprised they didn’t have the kind of match where Bryan worked on a body part for a lot of it. They did a lot of moves, counters and it was sound technical wrestling, but I think they needed to pick up the intensity a bit. Jericho was my pick and it wouldn’t surprise me if they do it again soon.

Jericho celebrated the win with his Jericho Appreciation Society friends although Daniel Garcia stayed in the back looking disappointed that Jericho had to do a low blow to win.

A video aired about House of Black facing Sting, Darby Allin & Miro. It’s the second last match.

Sting, Darby Allin & Miro vs. Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews (w/Julia Hart)

I did not watch the entrances. It’s over three hours into the show at this point. Miro worked over Black at the start, then a belly-to-belly suplex on Buddy and a spinning side slam. Miro didn’t want to tag out, so Buddy hit a jawbreaker and when Miro bumped into the ropes, Allin tagged himself in. Darby flipped around Buddy leading to a two count. Black made a tag and kicked Allin, who was on Buddy’s back. Black with a running black on a seated Allin for two. The big man King chopped Allin and tossed Allin into the turnbuckle. King chopped Allin over the top to the floor. King threw Allin into the barricades on the floor. Black with a snapmare into a kick to the back. Black and Allin did a collision spot to knock them both down. Buddy with a hard chop on Allin, then Allin tried to fight out of the corner and Buddy hit a rising knee on Allin. Buddy punched old man Sting on the apron while Miro got the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. JR was shocked as if he hasn’t seen that spot thousands of times in the last 50 years. Allin finally broke free leading to Sting getting the tag, so Sting unloaded on Buddy and King with punches. King charged, Sting ducked and King splashed Buddy my accident. Sting with a neckbreaker on King across the top rope. Sting stared at Black, who tagged in, so they had a confrontation with the fans standing up for it. Sting and Black exchanged punches to the back, Black got a kick and Sting got a takedown into a Scorpion Death Lock and Buddy kicked Sting, who no sold it. Black punched Sting and then a double kick stunned Sting. Buddy got a kneebar submission on Sting, so Miro pulled Black toward the ropes. Buddy hit a running kick on Miro. Sting avoided a triple team move, Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop and Allin jumped off the top with a Coffin Drop only for King to break it up. Miro knocked Matthews down and a leaping thrust kick on King. Miro charged on the floor with Buddy hitting him with Sting’s back to the ribs (the ref never saw it). Allin with a flipping Stunner on Buddy and a suicide dive onto Buddy on the floor. Allin went for a spin kick on Sting, but Sting spit some black mist into Black’s face and Allin did the Last Supper leg tie up into a pin for the win. It went about 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Sting, Darby Allin & Miro

Analysis: ***1/4 It was pretty good, but I don’t think they featured Miro enough considering he had the issue with Black. Sting using the dreaded black mist was a shocking way to end it. Poor House of Black continues to look weak way too often. They are not booked well at all.

There was an interview between Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia conducted Tony Schiavone. Jericho said that Garcia let him down by not celebrating with Jericho. Chris told that Garcia has the ROH Pure Title shot against Wheeler Yuta and Jericho told Garcia that he’ll do it without the Jericho Appreciation Society. Garcia didn’t seem to like that, but Jericho told Garcia that he made his choice.

It’s main event time between Jon Moxley and CM Punk. They showed a video package about it.

CM Punk got a huge ovation as the challenger. The fans love the guy, they chanted “CM Punk” throughout his entrance and Punk was full of energy for this big match.

Jon Moxley was up next from the back part of the arena with Moxley carrying the AEW World Title on his left shoulder. Moxley was joined by William Regal with Mox giving a middle finger to a fan in a CM Punk shirt. The ring announcer Justin Roberts did the championship introductions with loud “CM Punk” chants. CM Punk is 20-2 in his AEW career. The fans booed Jon Moxley even though they were just singing “Wild Thing” for him. Moxley is 57-4-1 in AEW singles matches.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk (w/William Regal)

Moxley greeted Punk with double middle fingers as the match began. Punk with knee lifts followed by chops and when Moxley punched Punk the fans were booing. Punk hit a lefty kick to the head with the formerly injured foot. Punk with two knee strikes and a short arm lariat followed by the elbows to the chest/shoulder area. Punk gave Moxley the GTS for a two count. The wrestlers went brawling into the crowd a bit with the referee Paul Turner joining them. I’m not saying it should be a countout, but the ref is being lenient. Punk whipped Moxley into the steel steps. Moxley recovered to send Punk into the ring post and Punk did the blade job to get busted open first about five minutes into the match. Moxley worked over Punk’s cut with punches along with elbow smashes, so Punk was bleeding heavily. Moxley licked his arm that had Punk’s blood on it, which is disgusting. Poor Renee. Moxley sent Punk into the steel steps followed by a kick to the head. Punk was a bloody mess at ringside. Punk with a hard slap to the face, Moxley with a boot to the face and Moxley delivered some elbows along with headbutts, so a lot of Punk’s blood was on Moxley’s head. Moxley worked over Punk with chops, then a forearm to the head and Punk came back with a knee strike. Moxley stopped Punk with a kneebreaker, then a trip and Moxley drove his knee while pulling on Punk’s left foot. Moxley with a double stomp to the abdomen followed by Moxley applying the single leg crab and then Moxley turned it into a STF while grinding against Punk’s bloody head. Punk gouged Moxley’s eyes to get out of it. Moxley with a forearm followed by a dropkick to the left knee that was against the ropes. Moxley with a dragon screw leg whip followed by a Figure Four Leglock. Punk flipped off Moxley, who let go so he can do more damage and Moxley hit a piledriver for two. Punk pulled on Moxley’s left arm to send Mox shoulder first into the ring apron. The fans were chanting for both guys at the same time. Punk sent Moxley shoulder first into the turnbuckle followed by a kick to the arm and Punk stomped on Moxley’s head. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice submission in the center of the ring. Moxley bit on the head, then he stomped on Punk’s head and the fans were booing Mox for that.

Punk jumped up with a side kick followed by a body slam. Punk went up top, he jumped off with an elbow smash that missed because Moxley caught Punk in a rear naked choke. Moxley transitioned into a Bulldog Choke, but Punk got an armdrag out of it. Punk got an armbreaker, Moxley rolled through and a Bulldog Choke. Moxley went down to Punk’s previously injured left foot with an Ankle Lock submission, but Punk got to the ropes. Moxley delivered a German Suplex leading to Moxley doing the middle finger salute to the crowd. Punk with a kick to the head, Moxley bounced off the ropes and hit a stiff lariat. They did the tired punch routine with the fans reacting, Moxley kicked the back of the leg and Punk hit a neckbreaker. Punk went for the GTS, Moxley blocked it and kicked the leg. Moxley hit the Death Rider slam for a two count as Punk kicked out by getting his shoulder up. Moxley with the hammer elbows followed by the Bulldog Choke as the fans chanted for both guys again. Punk picked up Moxley, but Moxley slid to the back going back and Punk countered a choke attempt. Punk hit a GTS, Moxley bounced off the ropes onto Punk’s back and Moxley was selling like he was out on Punk’s back. Punk picked Moxley back up and Punk hit another GTS for the one…two…and three. CM Punk is the AEW World Champion again. It went 19 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW AEW World Champion: CM Punk

Analysis: ****1/4 I thought it was a great World Title match that was a grueling fight between two talented guys. I’m stunned that Moxley didn’t bleed in the match, but Punk did bleed enough for both of them. I like that it took two GTS moves in a row to beat Moxley because it puts Moxley over as a tough guy to defeat. Punk winning was my prediction because I felt like since his last title run was cut short due to injury, they had to put the title on him again and give him a proper run as champion. I just figured that Punk had to get the title back. Anyway, it was an entertaining matchup between two talented guys.

An audio tape aired about Tony Khan talking on a message saying that you have to show up at All Out and it was Tony’s final offer. Tony said that he would put him in the Ladder Match and that’s how we knew that MJF was The Joker earlier in the show. They showed a clip of a CM Punk promo from ROH about being a devil.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman was shown in the back saying that he’s the devil himself. The fans were chanting for MJF for some reason and then he gave them the middle finger, so they booed him. MJF signaled to Punk that he wants the AEW World Title and MJF told Punk that the belt is coming back to him. Punk and MJF had a staredown. That was the end of the show.

Analysis: Welcome back MJF. The fans see him as a big star, so they want to cheer him of course, but MJF is a great heel and I hope he remains a heel. Since MJF was The Joker earlier, he gets a World Title feud so the rivalry between Punk & MJF will be reignited again. That’s cool with me. I assume we’ll hear an MJF promo on Dynamite, so it will be the first time he’s around in nearly four months.

AEW All Out had a runtime of 3 hours, 57 minutes.

Five Stars of the Show

1. CM Punk
2. The Acclaimed – They lost but they really got over.
3. Jon Moxley
4. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks
5. (tie) Chris Jericho/Bryan Danielson
5. (tie) Keith Lee/Swerve Strickland

Final Thoughts

It gets an 8.25 out of 10 from me.

It was an entertaining show overall. I wouldn’t call it some all-time great show, but I enjoyed most of it even though there were so many matches with either no storyline or a poor story going into it. They had a memorable main event that saw CM Punk beat Jon Moxley in a grueling match. Punk winning the title was what I expected because his last reign was cut short due to injury. Obviously, the other major story is that MJF is back in AEW as The Joker that won the ladder match and that means he’s going to get a title shot against Punk, so that rivalry will be renewed again. I’m glad MJF is back. He was missed.

There were some really good matches as usual, but also disappointing things like Hobbs/Starks going under five minutes and a few matches just felt really average. My favorite match was the Tag Team Title match with The Acclaimed winning over the crowd and they should have won the title against Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, but the champs retained. That wasn’t the only match where a crowd favorite lost because Jamie Hayter failed to become Women’s Champion since Toni Storm won.

It was not a surprise that Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks are the Trios Tag Team Champions since the titles were basically created for them. That was match was very good, but also the usual AEW tag team match where they have to get all the spots in and barely sell anything. The Jericho/Danielson match was an entertaining technical wrestling match with Jericho cheating to win. That’s what heels should do.

The roster seems healthy and full again, so that’s a good thing. I’m intrigued about some things going forward like MJF and if The Acclaimed can win the titles.


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