Miro Comments on AEW Debut, Calls AEW the “Best Professional Wrestling Promotion in the World” and More

There was a big debut on All Elite Wrestling Dynamite last night as Miro made his first appearance in the company. The former Rusev’s real name is Miroslav (last name is Barnyashev), so the powerful Bulgarian is going to use Miro as his ring name. Miro was released by WWE in April with his contract set to expire soon after. The two sides couldn’t agree on a new deal, so WWE released him a few months before he was a free agent.

Miro was introduced as the “Best Man” for the upcoming wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. It has been reported that Rusev is signed to AEW with a multi-year deal although the length of the deal isn’t known right now. It’s likely at least three years, if not more. Miro is 34 years old in case you’re wondering. My AEW Dynamite review will be up on the site later today.

You can check out the debut here.

Miro also shared an exclusive video on his Youtube channel and here are some comments. Thanks to for the transcript.

Miro reacts to what he said on Dynamite:

“I absolutely meant every word of that promo. For ten years, I was constantly told about an imaginary brass ring, that I already told you what to do with. This was not just a promo, but my actual feelings. Over the past few days, I was trying to keep myself numb, trying to tune out all the emotions I was feeling. The closer I got to tonight, the more excited I got. All day, I went back-and-forth with my thoughts, thinking what I should say in my promo.”

Miro spoke about how he feels he’s the best in the wrestling business:

“Everything worked out well, and today is a special day because it is the best day ever. ‘The Best Man’ name is not a gimmick. I really do feel like I’m the best man, the best professional wrestler in the world.”

Miro talked about his excitement about being in AEW:

“There are about 95,000 people here that I’ve never worked with. With that being said, everybody here is so nice and receptive, and I am really excited. Also, unlike the other place, in AEW, we actually do have a crowd. We had about 1,000 people [at Daily’s Place] and its such a fantastic feeling being in front of them. When I stepped out there, I truly felt goosebumps. I was really happy to see Billy Gunn in the crowd. Billy was my trainer [in WWE] and it was a great feeling to know he’s here. He was so happy to see me, and seeing him smile made me feel even better.”

Miro made it clear that he’ll continue to play video games on his Twitch channel while also praising AEW:

“I will continue to do Twitch and play video games, but wrestling is still my first love. I came to this country to be a professional wrestler. And now, I am in the best professional wrestling promotion in the world.”

Miro’s Twitch channel is here. Check out the video below.

Miro is married to current WWE superstar Lana, who signed a multi-year contract extension with WWE last year.

TJR Thoughts: So how long until he’s on Chris Jericho’s podcast trashing WWE? I give it a week. Maybe two. I’m only kidding. I think Miro actually hasn’t trashed WWE that much, at least compared to some former WWE guys.

Best of luck to Miro. I’m a big fan of his. A lot of former WWE wrestlers are doing well in AEW considering the three men’s titles are held by guys that made their names in WWE. That’s not a shot at AEW at all, trust me. I’m just pointing it out because it shows they are booking a lot of these guys well. I hope Miro has a great run in AEW and I’m glad he’s happy there.