Logan Paul On Difficulty Of Doing WWE Promos

Logan Paul

Logan Paul recently admitted that he has a tough time with doing promos.

He may have only two matches on his belt, but Logan Paul has already had an incredible wave of in WWE in terms of getting acceptance from both peers and fans. Not just that, but in his third bout ever in professional wrestling, Logan Paul is already squaring off against Roman Reigns for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the company’s Crown Jewel Premium Live Event.

His first match would be in a tag team match at WrestleMania earlier this year where he would be partnered with The Miz. In the bout, they would get the win against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Afterwards in his second match, Logan Paul then faced off against his former partner The Miz at SummerSlam, where he would once again get a victory.

Recently partaking in an interview with FOX’s Ryan Satin, Logan was questioned about how he’s been getting prepared for his fight against Roman Reigns.

“I’m doing a lot of sit-ups. I need my six-pack. No one likes a WWE superstar without a six-pack. I’m getting in the ring a lot. WWE was nice enough to actually build a ring in Puerto Rico, where I live, so I can train. At the end of the day, ring generalship and comfortability in the squared circle is the most important. I’m finding, the more I can do my bumps, bounce off the ropes, practice my flips, practice makes perfect and the better I’m getting.

I can feel it too, every single day I get in the ring and practice my slams, it’s just a little bit better. The physicality comes easy. Truly, what I need to work on is my mic skills. I’m not comfortable on the mic. I’ll be on the mic at a show, Madison Square Garden, 18,000 people watching, all heckling me live and talking their smack while I’m trying to deliver a story. It’s very difficult. Doing WWE promos is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and I have so much respect for the superstars who get in there every Monday and Friday and rattle off this stuff to perfection. I’m just not there yet. The physicality, let’s go.”

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