Wrestling Legend Regrets Treatment Of Vince & Linda McMahon

The Four Horsemen at their WWE Hall Of Fame induction legends

A wrestling legend, notorious for their dissatisfaction over the changed style of wrestling from the territory days, holds regrets over the way they treated Vince and Linda McMahon.

Ole Anderson was a prominent, albeit infamous, member of The Four Horsemen but despite his legendary association with the group, he remained absent from their 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and James J. Dillon accepted the induction without a mention of Ole.

There’s a very simple reason why – he hated Vince McMahon. As he stated in a 2012 interview with the Post and Courier, Ole told Vince and wife Linda to “go f*ck themselves”. He’s a changed man now, though, with Tony Schiavone stating on What Happened When that Ole holds serious regrets over his treatment of the McMahons:

“In later years, Ole told me this story, but in his later years, he regrets the way he treated Vince and Linda. Vince comes to the TBS studios during the takeover and he wanted to extend the hand of friendship to Ole. He says, ‘And here is my wife Linda.’ Ole’s line was, ‘You and your wife can go f*ck yourselves.’ Something to that effect.

He regretted that. That is old school and a guy [Anderson] who loved the territories and loved the old school, and a guy [McMahon] who was changing the wrestling business. Ole regrets that, but that’s the reason why Ole wasn’t part of the Four Horsemen inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Ole Anderson hasn’t been actively involved in the wrestling business since the 1990s. The Minnesotan wrestled his final match on 28 April 1990, teaming with Arn Anderson in a loss to Rick Steiner and Road Warrior Animal on an untelevised house show.

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