Kurt Angle Thinks Writers Would Improve AEW

Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, let’s mention the biggest name right now, Triple H… These are veteran names in the world of professional wrestling who know to improve the quality of the product when they have to. They know what works, and they also know what doesn’t work.

Another name that can be added to that list is 13-time world champion Kurt Angle.

When it comes to creative control and allowing wrestlers to do their own promos, even allowing them to generate their own storylines, AEW has been praised in that category from a lot of critics and fans.

For a lot of acts, it’s panned out for Tony Khan & Co., with talents such as MJF, Chris Jericho and Christian Cage giving us some artistic ability and having a solid relationship with the crowd.

However, there have been times in history where wrestlers having creative control doesn’t go over so well, especially if it’s over a long period of time i.e. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan in WCW.

Being interviewed on the “The Wrassingh Show” podcast, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle had a similar conversation, saying that too much power for a wrestler can corrupt and dilute the product. Kurt Angle was speaking about AEW and the creative freedom they grant to their talent.

“I just think the company might be a little too loose .. it’s more like the Wild West … not as organized as it should be. The wrestlers are making up their own promos, saying their own thing, doing their own thing, and I think there needs to be organization within the company where you have the writers telling the wrestlers what to say and enhancing their characters.”

Kurt Angle continued:

“I don’t know … putting the wrestlers in charge of their own promos and pre-tapes … and even their matches, I don’t know if they have agents for the matches, producers for their matches. So, I think they need to be overlooked, the talent. That’s what makes WWE so good, why they’re so organized, and why the show is always so tight.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.