Kevin Nash Compares AEW To WCW Thunder

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has claimed that AEW feels “dated” although he is a fan of one particular star.

Following the success of Monday Nitro, WCW launched Thunder in February 1998. The programme ran until March 2001, across a total of 156 episodes.

The show is often derided by fans who claim that it helped signal the “beginning of the end” for the company, while it was always noticeably second-fiddle to Nitro.

One man who got to see the show up close was Kevin Nash. Interestingly, the WWE Hall of Famer has now compared WCW’s B-Show to AEW, which is also broadcast on TBS.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash said that AEW feels “dated,” while pointing to a couple of performers who work a more “old school style.”

“It just seems dated. It has a very WCW Thunder feel when I watch it. I watched Jericho on that and I’ve always thought Chris was a great performer. I thought when they brought Punk in, I really liked the fact that every guy Phil worked with, Phil gave 80% of the match to. Phil made everybody before he beat them. He was very professional. I like his style. They both work an older school style.”

Despite the criticism, Nash did have praise for a recent match between Wardlow and Orange Cassidy. The former World Champion praised the performances of both men which made him look past his initial dislike for those kinds of matches.

“But I’ll tell you right now, Orange Cassidy, that’s my boy. I know that Corny and other guys like that sh*t on it. Wardlow is a good-looking guy. Good body. He had a match with Orange Cassidy to start off the show. I’m like, ‘Wow, this guy is going to eat Orange Cassidy alive.’ Low and behold, that big dude gets it.

He let him do the kicks to the shin. They ended up having a really good, competitive match. He beat him, and he should have. I know the Kevin Nash/Cornette in me wants to f*cking slit my wrists, but the Shawn Michaels nowadays realises that it’s not your dad’s f*cking wrestling anymore.”

AEW’s presentation has also drawn criticism from Road Dogg in recent weeks who claimed it “looks like an indie show.”

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