Road Dogg Critical Of AEW’s Presentation Being Like An “Indie Show”

Road Dogg cuts a promo

The Road Dogg has plenty of knowledge on how wrestling should run on television, but has made it clear he’s not impressed with how AEW’s product is put together.

Having spent plenty of time backstage in various roles, including a stint as head writer for Friday Night SmackDown, The Road Dogg was released by WWE earlier this year.

His experience within the company also spread far and wide beyond his wrestling credentials, including an extended period teaching promo classes at the WWE Performance Center, as well as holding various other roles as a producer and writer.

Despite his release, he has taken a critical look at the current product coming out from All Elite Wrestling, picking out certain elements which could be done a lot better.

Speaking on Dr Chris Featherstone’s podcast with Sportskeeda, multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion The Road Dogg noted that AEW’s current production can often look like a show on the independent scene, just with better cameras.

I would talk to them about television wrestling and what we’re doing here. When you watch it, it looks like an indie show that somebody filmed with some nice cameras. People will win their match, get their hand raised, and just turn around and start walking away. It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s a great shot. Thank you, dude, who just won the match and now you give me your a-crack and your back to look at.’ You have to think about this like it’s a television show because it is.

The Road Dogg also recently opened up on how he felt when Triple H insulted AEW, especially considering Billy Gunn had recently been hired by the company at the time.

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