Karrion Kross Names Creative WWE Star He Wants To Work With

Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross knows the next person that he wants to face off against.

WWE Superstar Karrion Kross recently spoke about who he wants to take on next in a rivalry, and it’s a huge brand name in Bray Wyatt.

Earlier this month at WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, “The Eater of Worlds” made his much-anticipated comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment. Since returning to the company, the former Universal Championship has made two appearances on television, both on Smackdown. Currently at the moment, Wyatt isn’t involved in any feud, and Kross’ feud with Drew McIntyre has slowed down.

Recently, Karrion Kross would speak with Mirror for an interview, and during so, he said by name who is as the very top of his list of he wants his next feud to be against, and it happens to be Bray Wyatt. Formerly an NXT Champion, Kross said that the creative genius of Wyatt is one of the biggest reasons why he wants to take him on in the squared circle.

“Of course it’s Bray Wyatt. If you don’t want to work with him you’re crazy. I’ve always had a very strong admiration for his creativity. I feel like he opens doors, not only for fans, literally, but he opens up new avenues for us to create for everyone as performers.

When he dares to do something different it just brings more possibilities. One of my favourite quotes, especially growing up, was the old saying ‘anything can happen in the WWE’ and when he’s around it’s totally true.”

H/T Mirror