Jim Cornette Praises Sami Zayn’s “Perfect” Performance In Bloodline Storyline

sami zayn honorary uce

Sami Zayn has become a standout performer in the current Bloodline storyline that is dominating WWE and Jim Cornette explained why Sami was “perfect” in a recent segment.

On the September 23rd episode of Smackdown, there was an opening segment featuring the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, his cousins The Usos (the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions), their younger brother Solo Sikoa, the “Special Counsel” Paul Heyman and of course, The Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn. After Solo acknowledged and hugged “The Tribal Chief” Reigns, the focus was on Zayn.

Reigns stared at Zayn and asked him why he was wearing The Bloodline’s shirt. Reigns also told Zayn to take the shirt off, so then Jey Uso ripped it off Zayn because Jey doesn’t really like Jey. When it seemed like The Bloodline might do something vicious towards Zayn, Reigns instead shared the good news that he had good news for Sami in the form of a new shirt that said: “The Honorary Uce.” Zayn was elated, he acknowledged the Tribal Chief as well and got a big hug from Reigns showing that The Bloodline appreciated Zayn.

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette enjoyed the recent Bloodline segment on Smackdown while also singling out Zayn’s performance on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast recently:

“I want to make mention of this because this was a talking segment that flew by, that was so good that you wanted to hear, that you were involved in and you wanted to see what happened at the end. And when you did see it you’re like ‘ah they got me.’ I know you can’t have that in every segment because you don’t have enough Paul Heymans and Roman Reigns and Sami Zayns.”

“But the first segment – out comes Roman Reigns with The Bloodline; Solo and both The Usos and Heyman and Sami and everybody involved in this was perfect and what they did. All Roman Reigns has to do is stand there and he can talk but when he’s a man of few words because he got Heyman to do the other stuff, it just makes him look like a bigger star.”

“Heyman is tremendous, the inflection, the verbal capacity, the expressions, oh, my God. And Sami Zayn was perfect in this, they did a long tease about how now that they had Solo it looked like they were going to kick Sami out of the group. Even to the point of Reigns saying ‘Take that Bloodline shirt off. I don’t want to see you wearing that again.’ And Sami’s facial expressions and the ‘homina homina’ in his voice and his attitude.”

“Then finally the reveal is that Roman Reigns has him a new t-shirt, Honorary Uce, and oh, then the relief on Sami’s face and now Jey is the one that doesn’t like him, right? Jey is like Goddamnit because he knew that Sami was about to get kicked out. They have built this thing perfect with this dynamic in the group. And everybody’s doing a great job with it and it was entertaining to watch.”

Sami Zayn picked up a win over AJ Styles on the September 26th episode of Raw thanks to an assist from Solo Sikoa that the referee never saw. Zayn & Sikoa will team up on the September 30th edition of Smackdown when they face Madcap Moss & Ricochet in tag team action.