Jim Cornette Suggests Multiple AEW Stars WWE Could Be Interested In

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has quite the list on who he believes WWE should be interested in from the current AEW roster.

Longtime professional wrestling promoter, on-screen talent, and personality, Jim Cornette recently offered up his thoughts on who WWE may be interested in when it comes to current talent from All Elite Wrestling.

During the latest episode of the ‘Jim Cornette Experience‘, the WWE Hall of Famer explained just who he believes Triple H and co. should be calling once their AEW deals expire:

“I can see them going after MJF, I can see the WWE being helluva interested in Wardlow [sic]. I can see WWE being completely interested in Powerhouse Hobbs. I can even see, okay for the s**ts and giggles let’s see if we can get Omega away from them maybe if, you know, either he’ll listen to us and make the changes we want him to make because at least he looks like an athlete and maybe some of our guys can get something out of him or we’ve taken him away from the competition and they don’t have him.”

While WWE continues to bring in former talent following the company’s recent change in power, AEW is getting ready to crown a new AEW World Champion following the drama from the All Out pay-per-view. Cornette’s thoughts on who should be the next face of All Elite Wrestling can be found by clicking here.