Gunther Shows Off Incredible Physique


Gunther has taken to social media to show off his incredible physique as his remarkable body transformation continues.

Over the past 12 months, Gunther, formerly WALTER, has undergone a spectacular body transformation. The star arrived in WWE with a seriously formidable look, more akin to Japanese wrestling legends of old, rather than your traditional WWE Superstar.

The giant Austrian still enjoyed significant success in NXT UK before eventually moving to NXT in the United States. Around this time, Gunther noticeably became much leaner and more muscular than he ever had before. This has continued following his move to Friday Night SmackDown.

In a new update on social media, Gunther has shown off his latest progress.

Speaking back in May, the former NXT United Kingdom Champion addressed his weight-loss, commenting that it was his idea to transform his presentation.

“It was completely my own initiative. For me, it was quite clear — if I want to take the next big step, I have to present more for the general public. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of old-school Japanese wrestlers who still had a belly and looked like you’d imagine a butcher. Emulating such idols worked for me also because up to now, I’ve been there for the, let’s call it, hardcore wrestling audience.

“In the WWE main roster, however, the conditions are different,” Gunther continued. “You are on a global stage, in the mainstream. From my point of view, you have to present yourself differently. And I prepared well for that in the months leading up to my move to the USA. […] Honestly, no one can tell me that anyone who happens to turn on the TV wouldn’t think I was better and more believable the way I looked before than I do now.”

Gunther is yet to be beaten since moving to the main roster, and currently stands as the Intercontinental Champion.