Gallus Arrested For Brawl, Suspended Indefinitely From NXT


The Gallus faction has been arrested and suspended indefinitely by NXT.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, formerly NXT UK Tag Team Champions, have been the targets of Gallus ever since the duo came to NXT 2.0, and on Tuesday, they would square off in a Pub Rules Match against Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in the main event.

Before the match, a backstage brawl would break out between the two sides, which would eventually lead to Joe Coffey punching a security guard who was trying to break the fight up. Officials would ban Coffey from ringside during the main event as a result.

The Pub Rules Match was absolutely chaotic, featuring smashed glass, leather straps and Mark Coffey dumped in a trash can. Ignoring WWE officials, Joe Coffey came out during the match to defend his stable members, however, Jensen and Briggs would seal the win.

That’s when all hell broke loose, with Gallus charging full-steam ahead towards the former NXT UK tag team, and security flocking out in an attempt to control the situation.

The faction showed no care for the security team, with Wolfgang even punching one of the guards. When that happened, Gallus got even more reckless, with all three members then attacking both the security guards and referees. That’s when officials would call out police, who ended up handcuffing the men to close out this week’s episode.

After the show, NXT tweeted out a statement that Gallus has been suspended indefinitely due to tonight’s wild ending.

“Due to Gallus’ actions involving the assault of WWE officials and security after their Pub Rules Tag Team Match, Wolfgang, Mark & Joe Coffey have been suspended indefinitely, effective immediately.”

Also on tonight’s NXT 2.0, Andre Chase took the opportunity at a Chase U press conference to take a dig at wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

In even bigger developments, a change was made to the NXT Championship match at the brand’s upcoming Halloween Havoc. Instead of Bron Breakker taking on just JD McDonagh to defend his title, WWE made it into a three-way match between Breakker, McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov.

WWE’s NXT Halloween Havoc premium live event is scheduled for Saturday, October 22.