Eric Bischoff Supports Recent WWE PLE Decision

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff loves what WWE recently did with their Premium Live Event.

In years past, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has tried to put on 20 premium live events (formally known as pay-per-views) on an annual basis, and this is including each the WWE main roster and with past NXT Takeovers. Unfortunately for wrestling fans, however, fewer PLEs may be on future schedules.

Recently, WWE cancelled their Day 1 Premium Live Event, which was scheduled right at the beginning of January for the second consecutive year. With the company’s cancellation of Day 1, there will be two months on the schedule of WWE that will not see a single PLE, having the gap between November’s Survivor Series and January’s Royal Rumble.

For NXT, the developmental brand of World Wrestling Entertainment, they will have their next Premium Live Event on December 10, 2022.

Working on the promotion’s creative team previously in his career, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff expressed his opinion on the decision from the company to hold fewer PLEs while on his “Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff” podcast.

“Absolutely love it, I think it’s a great move. Gimmick matches for the sake of gimmick matches … Here lies a man who hates gimmick matches/pay-per-views because it’s just a cheap way out. I’ve said this for years, like a long time, maybe a decade or two, gimmick matches are nothing more than someone telling the world they don’t know how to write a story.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.