Eric Bischoff Believes MJF Is One Of Wrestling’s Top Heels

MJF posing at the crowd

Eric Bischoff has heaped praise on AEW star MJF, claiming he is one of the best heels in pro wrestling right now.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his triumphant return to AEW at All Out on September 4th. The star appeared under a mask early in the night as the Joker in the Casino Ladder Match and was helped to victory by Stokely Hathaway and several of his recent recruits. He later revealed himself following CM Punk’s World Championship victory over Jon Moxley

Before All Out, MJF had been absent from AEW TV since the June 1st edition of AEW Dynamite when he verbally eviscerated everyone and everything associated with the company.

MJF has many admirers for his work as a heel in AEW, including WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff.

During a recent edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff named MJF as one of the stars he would choose to start a new promotion with today, praising him as one of the top bad guys in the business.

“I don’t know, man, it’s too hard to pick talent like that. I mean, right off the bat, again, I’ve been saying this for a long time, I think MJF I’ve been saying it for at least a year and a half or two years, I think MJF is going to if he’s not one of the best heels in the industry right now he’s going to be, um just needs a little more time.

“Not because he needs to get better, he’s already great. But the wrestling audience is a weird audience. You know, they’re incredibly loyal, I think more loyal than maybe even NASCAR fans or pro sports fans in some cases.

“But they’re also very challenging in the sense that they don’t accept you right away, no matter how good you are, you have to earn their respect. And it’s hard for anybody who’s only been in the business for a year, or two, or three or four, even, to really get over with the audience.”