Drew McIntyre Discusses SmackDown Botch

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has commented on a recent mishap on SmackDown and says the situation was “frustrating” as a prop wasn’t ready for live TV.

On a recent edition of SmackDown Drew McIntyre came face to face with the man that has been attacking him in recent weeks, Karrion Kross. McIntyre challenged Kross to a Strap Match at Extreme Rules, a challenge Kross answered by attacking the Scottish star from behind.

Despite that the former WWE Champion got the better of Kross until his wife Scarlett interfered, attempting to shoot a fireball in Drew McIntyre’s face. As is often the case with fire in wrestling, the spot didn’t go as planned forcing those in the ring to call an audible to get to their planned destination.

In an interview with My San Antonio, Drew McIntyre explained how he managed to cope with things going wrong but says it’s frustrating that the prop for the fire wasn’t ready for live TV:

“It is frustrating when it is something that should be ready to go on a live television show. But at the same time, it is a live television show, and it is not my first day. So, I know things don’t always go like they are supposed to go. Hence, why I didn’t fall down and hold my face because I don’t trust anything after 20 years in wrestling.”

“I just reacted until I knew everything is OK, and then someone got the cue, and it was not OK. So, I called what I had to call, and we got the save at the end and got the bad guy reaction and putting some heat on the new characters on the show.”