Bronson Reed Returns To WWE On Raw

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Bronson Reed is back in WWE after helping The Miz win a Ladder Match on Raw against Dexter Lumis.

The Miz was in action against his rival Dexter Lumis on the December 19th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw in a “Winner Takes All” Ladder Match. There were two clear bags of money hanging above the ring and to win the match, you had to bring the bags of money down just like if it was a title or a Money in the Bank briefcase.

Just as it looked like Lumis was going to win the match and retrieve the bags of money, Bronson Reed showed up to pull down Lumis from the ladder. Reed pulled Lumis off the ladder and beat him up. Reed finished Lumis off with a top rope splash that was called the Tsunami during his NXT days.

After Bronson Reed took out Lumis, he helped The Miz climb the ladder, and Miz retrieved the bags of money to win the match. That meant that The Miz didn’t have to give the money that he owed Lumis because Reed helped Miz win the match.

Bronson Reed, who is Australian, was hired by WWE in 2019 and was a rising star in NXT. During that NXT run, he was the NXT North American Champion as a babyface that the fans really liked. However, WWE chose to release Reed in August 2021 instead of trying to use him on the main roster.

Times have changed now because Vince McMahon is out, Triple H is in and since Triple H really liked using Reed in NXT, it’s understandable why Reed was brought back.

While he was away from WWE, Reed competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling using the name JONAH and had a lot of success there, including some of the best matches of his career with the great Kazuchika Okada. Reed also worked for Impact Wrestling on a short-term deal.

It was back in August, shortly after Triple H took over the WWE Creative Team when Reed’s name first appeared in rumors to return to WWE. In mid-November, there were reports that Reed had an offer from WWE, which meant he had to make a decision about going back or staying in New Japan. Obviously, Reed chose to return to WWE.

While not confirmed, it appears that The Miz will be paired with Reed on Raw just like had John Morrison and Tomasso Ciampa with him in the past as well. After Raw ended, WWE tweeted about Reed returning to the company. Bronson Reed is 34 years old.