WWE Reportedly Interested In Bringing Back Bronson Reed (JONAH)

bronson reed wwe nxt

Several names from WWE’s past have returned to the company under the new regime and now a new report suggests that WWE has an interest in a return for the man formerly known as Bronson Reed.

Following the WWE retirement of Vince McMahon in July, the company has undergone several changes. One of the biggest changes is that Triple H has taken over the Head of Talent Relations as well as the person running WWE Creative meaning he has the final say on what airs on Raw and Smackdown.

Triple H has made his mark in the last month by bringing back several NXT superstars that were previously released like three members of Hit Row, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dakota Kai and the free agent Johnny Gargano chose to sign a new deal with WWE while making his return this past Monday on Raw.

In addition to on-screen changes, Triple H has also re-hired one of his closest friends and a fellow member of D-Generation X, Brian “Road Dogg” James. The new role for Road Dogg will be the “WWE VP Of Live Events” and that could lead to other responsibilities.

Andrew Zarian of the Wrestling Observer reported on We’re Live Pal that another former WWE name that the company is interested in is Bronson Reed, who currently wrestles as JONAH in NJPW:

“I’ve heard one name over the last few weeks and that’s JONAH. Great G1 [Climax], I talked to a friend over there casually in Connecticut…he’s a name. Bronson Reed got the sh*t end of the stick with his positioning. He’s very good, he has the size, he had this awesome entrance with the background.”

“I don’t know him at all personally. I don’t know if anything behind the scenes happened, anything beyond that, but I can tell you there are people very interested in him because of his talent, his performance in the G1. He’s a name that people are interested in. I don’t know what his deal is, but he has come up as a name that I’ve heard.”

The big man Jonah did very well in the G1 Climax tournament since he finished second in Block A, trailing only Kazuchika Okada, who won the tournament.

During his WWE NXT run as Bronson Reed, he won the NXT North American Championship. Jonah was released by WWE one year ago in August 2021.