Kevin Nash Suggests The Rock’s WWE Success Hinged On Another Wrestler’s Injury

Kevin Nash Suggests The Rock's WWE Success Hinged On Another Wrestler's Injury

In the summer of 1997, the wrestling world witnessed a pivotal moment in the career of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Following a match with Owen Hart, a botched tombstone piledriver left Austin temporarily paralysed and inflicted him with lasting neck issues that would shape his wrestling trajectory.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared a thought-provoking theory on the Kliq This podcast, suggesting the ripple effects of Austin’s injury on another iconic star of that era: The Rock. Nash proposed that if Austin had not suffered the neck injury, The Rock might not have attained the remarkable success he did. He remarked:

If Steve doesn’t get hurt, I don’t think Rock hits the f**king heights that he does. Like everything happens for a reason, because, basically, I mean, not to be a d**k, but Rock has came out and said that when he sees something that gets over, he takes it. When Steve went down with the neck injury, f**king Dwayne took a lot of f**king Steve’s s**t and incorporated it into what he did. And lo and behold, Steve comes back.

While the accuracy of Nash’s theory may be open to interpretation, it’s undeniable that the Austin versus Rock feud became one of the most compelling storylines of the Attitude era, headlining three WrestleManias and captivating audiences worldwide.

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