Jim Ross Reveals Key Detail In New AEW Deal

Jim Ross

Jim Ross is continuing his run in AEW with a new one-year deal and now he’s revealed exactly why Tony Khan wanted him to stay.

Jim Ross has been part of AEW since the company was formed in 2019 lending his years of experience to the announce team. In recent months health battles have kept him off TV for the most part with Jim Ross recently revealing he was recovering from a broken hip.

Jim Ross signed a one-year contract extension with AEW to continue his run with Tony Khan’s company and speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross noted that he’s glad the company’s PPV calendar is expanding because that’s where he’ll be calling the action:

I do [like the new PPV schedule] because it gives you ample time if you think about it and you put your creative hats on from a talent standpoint and an administration standpoint, it’s a good thing. It gives you time to build, it gives you a month and in today’s world, a month is an eternity – the process and mindset we are seemingly all in.

I like it and for me, that’s my schedule. Tony Khan hired me back to do pay-per-views and I’m tickled to death to be there on them so once a month is great for me personally. And I hope somewhere along the way there’s another assignment or two thrown in there at times whether that be on Dynamite or Collision.

Jim Ross was then asked outright if, barring the odd exception, he was going to be pay-per-view exclusive in AEW moving forward:

Yeah, pretty much. I think pay-per-views is what Tony [Khan] had slotted for me to come in and contribute to. They’re gonna be once a month and that’s when I’ll be there but I would not be surprised if somewhere down the road – I suggested this to him, maybe a Collision, me coming in on the go-home show, the last Collision before the pay-per-view on Sunday. I think that might be a thought but you know how us old carny types are, we’re always trying to get ourselves booked.

Jim Ross On The Call At AEW Dynasty

Jim Ross was in the hot seat alongside Tony Schiavone and Excalibur for Sting’s final match at Revolution. Ross was then back on the call at Dynasty where he announced Kazuchika Okada’s successful defence of the AEW Continental Championship against PAC and Swerve Strickland’s AEW World Title win over Samoa Joe in the main event.

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