Billy Corgan Discusses NWA Potentially Becoming WWE Or AEW Developmental Promotion

NWA owner Billy Corgan

NWA owner Billy Corgan believes his promotion could be a developmental brand for WWE, or maybe even AEW.

Before owning the historic company, Billy Corgan worked with TNA, which is now known as IMPACT Wrestling. Eventually, he would go on to become the promotion’s president. After exiting his role and the company, Corgan purchased NWA in 2017, and ever since then, has been the president of the independent product.

Recently taking part in an interview with Metro’s Alistair McGeorge, Billy Corgan revealed that he has spoken to Paul “Triple H” Levesque before, who was running NXT at that particular time, about possibly featuring NWA on the WWE Network. The talks would end up falling through, however, Corgan said they went well for the most part, and he gave him a positive outlook about the potential of a partnership between the two.

“It didn’t go anywhere and that was fine – very, very good discussions, very open and cool. They certainly liked what I was trying to do, and they’ve always been cool about what I was doing in the NWA, so I remain optimistic going into the future that there might be some business there to do.

There might be economic models where they say, ‘Take these 10 talent, let us have an oversight position, you help develop these talents. It’d be good for the NWA, it’d be good for the WWE.’ There are lots of opportunities there! I would say the same thing even as it pertains to AEW – AEW has a tremendous amount of talent under contract, not everybody is able to be on their main shows, there might be opportunities where they wanna send those people on a developmental level.”

H/T Fightful Select