Bayley On New NXT Logo – “Felt Good To See That Again”

Bayley WWE

Bayley has let her thoughts be known regarding all of the changes going on with the NXT brand.

Being one of the WWE superstars who helped NXT become as popular as it is today, not many have more clout than Bayley when it comes to the black and gold.

The matches between Bayley and Sasha Banks are still remembered today, known for being a large reason why women’s wrestling hit new heights in the WWE. From “puppies” in the Attitude Era to women now being taken seriously as the main event, Bayley was a huge part of that transition.

On last week’s episode, NXT revealed that they were going from their tie-dye-colored NXT 2.0 logo back to the black and gold brand that started it all, also the same brand that helped skyrocket Bayley to wrestling fame.

Making an appearance on the In The Kliq podcast with Baby Huey, Bayley said she was all for it as far as NXT returning back to the black and gold look and she’s excited about the developmental territory’s future, but she would also go on to say that no matter what the logo looked like, NXT and its mission would never change.

“I don’t know exactly what that means for a change. They just changed the logo back which is – it just felt good to see that again. But the whole roster there is killing it.”

“I’m so proud of all the girls. I’ve been able to spend so much time there during my rehab and gotten to know a lot of the guys, gotten to know a lot of the girls, and watch them train, watch how hard they work.”

“So I don’t think it really matters what it’s called, whether it’s called 2.0 and it has some paint splashed on it, or whether it’s the old black and gold, what they’re doing in the ring doesn’t change. They are just making everybody proud that came from there and they’re just going to continue to do so.”

h/t Fightful