WWE Bring TakeOver Name Back For NXT

NXT TakeOver Stage

WWE is apparently making even more changes to the NXT brand with the abandoned TakeOver name set to make a comeback for the brand’s specials.

Back in 2014, the burgeoning developmental brand put on its first special show entitled TakeOver. On that occasion, Charlotte Flair captured the vacant NXT Women’s Championship and Adrian Neville successfully defended his NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd.

As the years went on the NXT specials became one of the hottest dates on the wrestling calendar with the shows selling out the same arenas WWE ran for Raw, SmackDown, and even SummerSlam.

However, in late 2021 as the black and gold era came to an end, replaced by NXT 2.0, the TakeOver name was phased out with it. The last event under that name to date took place in August 2021 and saw Samoa Joe capture the NXT Title from Karrion Kross. Interestingly, Joe is now with AEW and Kross has been fired and rehired by WWE since then.

With NXT debuting a new logo that harks back to the days of black and gold now Triple H is firmly in charge of WWE, and it looks like the TakeOver name is set for a return as well.

Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live mentioned that the next NXT special to take place in October, Halloween Havoc, is now listed as a TakeOver event. PWInsider previously reported that Halloween Havoc will return on the 22nd of October.

A new report from Fightful Select has confirmed the Takeover name as well as the date of Halloween Havoc.