Anna Jay “Could Never Turn Down” Chance To Work With Chris Jericho

Anna Jay Chris Jericho

Anna Jay surprised many when she abandoned Dark Order to join The Jericho Appreciation Society but she says working with Chris Jericho was too good to refuse.

Anna Jay was Brodie Lee’s number 99 when she joined Dark Order in June 2020 after a very quick defeat at the hands of Abadon. For two years she remained a core part of the group as they continued on to leave a legacy for Brodie Lee in AEW after his untimely death in December 2020.

Featuring on television with Dark Order and in Being The Elite skits, Anna Jay found a home in AEW with the group, and then Le Champion came calling.

In June 2022, The Jericho Appreciation Society got an unexpected boost when Sammy Guevara reunited with Chris Jericho and Jake Hager in the group, bringing with him his now-wife Tay Melo. Melo and Anna Jay had frequently teamed together and it wasn’t long before Anna Jay cast aside her Dark Order friends to become reborn as Anna Jay AS in the group.

Speaking to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Anna Jay confessed that she loves her Dark Order cohort but the chance to work with The Ocho was too much of a pull:

“Well, I’ll start off by saying I’ll love my Dark Order guys, but it’s kind of one of those things where I could never turn down an opportunity to work with someone like Chris Jericho. He’s someone who’s probably the most talented person I know in the wrestling business, so to work with him is really an honor and something I never thought I would be able to do.”

“So that’s the main reason, I would say, and also to be able to tag with Tay again, to have TayJay still be in the ring, so I think those are the main reasons. But yeah, Chris Jericho is great, and I’m so happy that I get to work with him.”

h/t Fightful