WWE’s Finn Balor Has Two Words For TNA

TJR Wrestling

Finn Balor posted an image of himself on Twitter doing the famous DX crotch chops outside of TNA’s offices. Admittedly, I have no idea what the beef is or even if there is any, but it is a hilarious picture.

TNA official Bob Ryder immediately took to Twitter with a response spinning things as Balor meeting with TNA, which is something I’m sure wouldn’t even happened in fantasy-land.

There is also a response from indy wrestler and sometimes TNA wrestler Grado doing a Superman pose outside of a WWE office. It’s also worth noting that Balor’s reflection is in this picture, showing that he clearly took it and that everyone is just playing around.

This shenanigans seem to be over for now, but I would be interested in knowing what compelled Finn to playfully provoke TNA and if WWE even cares that he did.