WWE Star “Would Love To Join The LWO”

WWE LWO Rey Mysterio Santos Escobar Zelina Vega Joaquin Wilde Cruz Del Toro

Raquel Rodriguez not only wants to join the Latino World Order, but feels she is already part of the group.

Early in 2023, Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro, and Zelina Vega of Legado Del Fantasma began aiding Rey Mysterio in his war against The Judgment Day. That March, he solidified the partnership by gifting the group with LWO t-shirts, officially reviving the former WCW faction.

The LWO later helped Bad Bunny in his San Juan Street Fight against Damian Priest at Backlash in Puerto Rico and made the rap megastar a member of the faction.

That bout also saw help coming in the form of Carlito, who made his full-time return to WWE as the newest member of the group at Fastlane in October.

The ranks of the LWO could continue to grow if Raquel Rodriguez gets her way, with the star having declared they are already “family” to her.

“In a sense, I do feel like I’m part of the LWO” – Raquel Rodriguez

During an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Rodriguez explained that her connection to the Latino World Order runs deep as she has already bonded with several members of the faction.

“Trust me there have been many thoughts of Raquel Rodriguez in the LWO. I would love to be a part of the LWO. Everyone who’s in the LWO at the moment are family to me.

“I started just a little bit before [Cruz] Del Toro signed with NXT. When he came in, he just immediately felt like a brother to me and we bonded immediately. He’s always been there for me. It’s really been hard that we’re on separate brands because again, it’s like family.

“Same thing for Escobar you know, Santos, he came into WWE and immediately it just felt like I had another brother in the business. Rey Mysterio is one of the most humble, most amazing, most grateful people, human beings that you can meet on this planet. And on top of it, he is a WWE superstar. He is the underdog of the century. He does so many amazing things, not just for his fans and his people but for other wrestlers like myself, and so I always look up to him, as well.

“And Zelina, I just love my chiquita Zelina Vega. She’s so spicy, and she has so much attitude that she’s become like a little sister to me, and we really bonded over on SmackDown together and I would love to just be part of that that family that they’ve built because it’s a really strong family. And Joaquin [Wilde], too. I can’t forget to mention Joaquin, his beautiful wife, his beautiful baby girl who’s actually named Raquel, too.

The star finished by saying she is already part of the LWO in many respects and it just needs to be made official.

“It’s like I’m already part of that family. In a sense, I do feel like I’m part of the LWO, it just hasn’t been made official yet.”

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