Raquel Rodriguez Pays Tribute To Chyna For Influencing Her Career

Raquel Rodriguez Chyna Clotheslines

Raquel Rodriguez has nothing but love for WWE Hall of Famer Chyna.

Raquel Rodriguez has not been short of success during her WWE career, claiming the NXT Women’s Championship, the NXT Tag Team Championship twice, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on three occasions.

As one of the bigger women in the company, there have been many who have pointed out similarities to the late, great Chyna who wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the men during her career.

Speaking to Jessica Kleinschmidt on Short and to the Point, Raquel Rodriguez explained just what Chyna meant to her watching her as a young fan:

“It was inspiring, it really was, because she had so many feuds with men as well. For me, she solidified that idea of ‘we can hang with the boys too.’ When I was watching her growing up, I was always playing basketball, and I would go and play against the boys. I think that’s helped me invaluable as well because it’s helped me up my level everything.

“Even at the Performance Center, getting to be in a male class like Scotty 2 Hotty’s and getting to soak in all of his experience and knowledge and working with other young men who have years of experience over me and have so much knowledge, it was invaluable information and such amazing learning that I wish I could one day give to someone else. It has really helped me in my career and my performance overall.”

Raquel Rodriguez not the only one to pay tribute to Chyna

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley paid tribute to Chyna during her bout with Rodriguez at Payback. Ripley donned a metal-studded outfit as she retained her title that was reminiscent of one once worn by The Ninth Wonder of the World.

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