Damian Priest Says Bad Bunny Was “Really Banged Up” After Backlash Match

bad bunny wwe backlash damian priest

Damian Priest says WWE don’t know when they see Bad Bunny again after the musician needed time off to recover from their street fight at Backlash.

The Judgment Day member is currently celebrating his huge win after victory in the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Damian Priest now has the opportunity to cash in on any WWE Champion at the moment of his choosing.

This led to an awkward moment between Priest and Finn Balor after the faction teammates clashed following Balor’s loss at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Winning the Men’s Ladder Match has added further fuel to the former Unites States Champion’s toughness, adding to the Backlash San Juan Street Fight which saw Bunny beat Priest in a matchup between the two Puerto Ricans.

During the build-up to Money In The Bank, Damian Priest was speaking with ESPN and shared how he wishes kendo sticks had not been brought into wrestling, before describing how Bad Bunny needed time off to recover following the pair’s fight.

“I know he was really banged up. Apparently, it took him a few days to really get moving again, move around normal, which is to be fair. I understand because the soreness, it’s like being in a train wreck or a big, bad car wreck. Your whole body is sore.

And it took him days to recover, and we don’t know when we’ll see him again after that one, because he apparently went through it really bad. Now, that’s what we go through all the time. The difference is we don’t get to take another year off. We got to go right back the following day or the following week.”

Speaking during Money In The Bank, Damian Priest made it clear that he intends to successfully cash in and called out the NXT Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and the WWE Universal Championship during a backstage interview before making his presence felt during the Balor versus Seth Rollins match.

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