Bad Bunny Thought He “Was Going To Die” At Backlash

Bad Bunny LWO

Many were impressed with Bad Bunny’s display at WWE Backlash, but it would certainly seem it came at a price.

After sporadic appearances in the past, Bad Bunny was confirmed for one of the featured contests at WWE Backlash 2023, which took place in Puerto Rico. Bunny was victorious in the Street Fight, which saw the pair brawl around the arena, and the music star even went through a table after being launched from a pile of production equipment.

Reflecting on the match in a discussion with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily, Bad Bunny made clear that it’s a night he will never forget.

Wow, that was insane. That was really crazy, the people, the energy was another level. What happened that night, I’m never going to forget it. I remember, I said before the WrestleMania fight that day was one of my favorite moments of my life, but the Backlash fight in Puerto Rico was another level. It was really one of the biggest and best moments of my life, I really enjoyed that fight.

Continuing on, Bad Bunny revealed quite how beaten up he got during the match.

I suffered. Yeah, I got hurt. I got hurt. My back, my back. My whole body, bro. My whole body. I felt that I was going to die after that match. I really thought that I was going to die after the match, but it’s part of it. I was prepared then, and now I’m going to drop a song. I know. I’m a crazy guy. I love it. I love it, and that’s what matters.

Bad Bunny was appearing on the show tomorrow promote his new track Where She Goes, which was released on Thursday.

There has been some talk that this may not be the end of Bad Bunny’s in-ring career, with another huge showcase match potentially lined up for later this year.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.