WWE Star Criticizes Kanye West After Comments About Jews

Kanye West

The world of professional wrestling is not a fan of Kanye West at the moment.

After Kanye West made comments about Jewish people, which many consider to be both anti-Semitic and bizarre, the rapper has also been getting head from the wrestling community.

Taking to his Instagram, West put up a screenshot of a text conversation that was allegedly between himself and Sean “Diddy” Combs, where he made the claim that Combs was controlled by Jews.

Most likely meaning to say DEFCOM 3, West recently tweeted “death con 3” on Jewish people, and also accused the race and religion of “blackballing” individuals who “oppose their agenda.” The tweet would go on to be deleted and his account was placed on restriction.

Shortly after, AEW star MJF — who is a Jew himself — would make his feelings be known about the rapper’s comments. Now, another wrestler is making his opinion known: WWE‘s Top Dolla.

Top Dolla tweeted:

“I can’t believe y’all still care about Kanye, I been off the delusional lunatic for 7 years now…”

Top Dolla also hit back at a fan who was defending Kanye West because of him potentially having issues with his mental health, speaking about his own experiences with bipolar disorder.

“My mother was bi-polar. I hate when people pretend Kanye acts like he does because of mental disorder. He acts like this for attention. He says wild shit so that people will talk about him and keep him in the topic of discussion, and nothing else.”