WWE Hall of Famer Claims Working With Batista Was ‘Very Difficult’ Early In Career

D-Von Dudley didn’t love working with Batista…at least at first.

WWE Hall of Famer and former 10-time WWE/F Tag Team Champion, D-Von Dudley recently appeared on ‘The A2TheK Wrestling Show‘ and discussed what he called, difficulties working with a young and inexperienced, Dave Bautista.

“It was very difficult in the very beginning because he was such a big guy that when he was training, certain people thought that it was best to train him as a big man and not take any bumps. So by the time he got with me, I thought it was a joke, I thought somebody was playing a rib on me. Because I remember during a match with Triple H, he (Batista) was supposed to run at him with a clothesline,” D-Von added. “When I told Dave the spot, Dave looked at me and he goes ‘Rev, how do I do that?’, I just looked at him and went ‘are you serious?’”

D-Von worked alongside Batista in 2002, where the latter’s first on-screen role with WWF was as D-Von’s enforcer during Dudley’s short-lived Reverend gimmick.

The Hall of Famer isn’t the first former colleague of ‘The Animal’ to call out the Hollywood star for his lack of in-ring prowess, as another former tag team champion had some harsh remarks about Batista’s skills. Find out who that former champion was by clicking here.