Ex-WWE Diva Hits Out At Claims She Had An Affair With Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

A former WWE Diva has taken to social media to fire back at claims that she had an extra-marital affair with Kurt Angle.

A remarkable series of tweets were sent out on January 2nd by Karren Jarrett. Karen is currently married to Jeff Jarret but was previously married to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

The tweets began with Karen Jarrett reiterating that her marriage to Kurt Angle was over long before she began a relationship with Jeff Jarrett. Karen admitted that the pair had tried to reconcile, but that had failed as she was unable to move past Angle’s affairs. She then turned her attention to the women allegedly involved in these affairs, including Barbie Blank, formerly known as Kelly Kelly during her time with WWE.

Blank, who left WWE in 2012 after six years with the company, wasted little time in hitting back at the claims. The former Divas Champion said that the only association that she and Angle shared was that they were previously co-workers.

“I keep linked in this tweet I have dmed @karenjarrett to privately ask her and I’m waiting for her response, but I want to go ahead and publicly make a statement that only way I can be linked to Kurt is we were co workers sorry but thanks for the Monday morning entertainment lol”

Kurt Angle is yet to respond publicly to the comments made by Karen Jarret.