Wrestling Veteran Thinks There Are More Options For MJF In WWE


At least one person thinks that MJF won’t be as limited in WWE as many fans think.

One of the biggest talking points around MJF has been “the bidding war of 2024”, the idea that he may jump ship to WWE once his contract comes up next year.

Many wrestling fans and critics have commented on this topic and have given different arguments about whether he should stay in AEW or go to WWE.

A frequently seen argument favoring him staying in AEW is his freedom to do and say what he wants. Controversy seems to follow MJF wherever he goes; from the things he says in his promos, to his unfiltered comments in media scrums to how he interacts with fans.

And yet, many fans enjoy MJF specifically for these reasons. His unfiltered personality and his commitment to getting heat regardless of the death of kayfabe and regardless of what fans think gave made him into such an engaging character.

It’s because of this unfiltered nature of his that many think that MJF would flounder in rigid, controlled and spontaneity-free WWE which has scriptwriters and a more family-oriented product.

But Konnan doesn’t think so. Speaking on his Keeping It 100 podcast, Konnan thinks that MJF would still be able to excel on the microphone in WWE despite it being a more restrictive environment.

“Do I actually need to explain it to you? He’s (MJF) on a whole ‘nother level. Bad booking seems to be something that’s followed not just him but a lot of people.

“Imagine him in WWE, going back and forth with a plethora of guys, from Sami Zayn to Kevin Owens, (Matt) Riddle to (Randy) Orton… So many people.”

h/t WrestleTalk and SEScoops for the transcription