MJF-Bryan Danielson Match Earns Heavy Praise From Jim Cornette

mjf aew revolution

Jim Cornette loved pretty much everything about the MJF-Danielson match from AEW Revolution.

It isn’t often that Jim Cornette has overwhelming praise for something produced by AEW. The wrestling historian is noted for his strong opinions on pro wrestling and how it should be taken seriously. And since, in his view, most of AEW’s wrestling product doesn’t fit his description, he criticizes that company more often than he complements it and its talent.

But in the aftermath of AEW Revolution 2023, Jim Cornette and co-host Brian Last had nothing but praise for MJF and Bryan Danielson. On a recent episode of the Drive Thru Podcast, Cornette complimented both wrestlers but especially MJF for what they did in the ring.

In particular, Cornette noted how MJF looked special for doing athletic stuff only when it was necessary and not on a nightly basis.

“And I was amazed also because everybody, like MJF said I think at the scrum he said everybody thinks I don’t do all his sh*t, well, I do it, I just do it when it’s necessary. Because he did that hammerlock DDT that looks f*cking wicked out on a guy that has had concussion syndrome.”

Cornette also focused on how MJF built heat by working the audience, which he noted isn’t done as much as should be nowadays.

“MJF bailing to the floor and throwing the water on the kid. Oh my god, what boos it got? Well, I heard that from from the scrum afterwards, I heard that it became a deal and it was f*cking classic. It was f*cking great. And he said to the camera is this gonna cost me a star Dave?’ When he was stalling.

He got heat by slowing it down like the heel would because Danielson is too good of a technical wrestler. But then they told the stories that Danielson has the bad shoulder, so naturally MJF is going to start working on that.

But at the same time MJF was able to do that wild f*cking flipping cannon ball thing and land on his feet but supposedly sell his knees. So is his knee bad or not? We don’t know.”

As of this writing, that match hasn’t yet been rated by the Wrestling Observer. However, fans have already clamored to various sites and forums to voice their praise for the match. For example,, which has a match rating system based on user input, has the MJF/Danielson match rated at 9.64 out of 10 based on 593 votes.

By comparison, the only match rated higher is the match between Kenny Omega & Hangman Page and The Elite from Revolution 2020.

h/t Inside the Ropes for the transcription