Report On Vince McMahon’s Mood Amid WWE Investigation

Vince McMahon

A new report has claimed that Vince McMahon’s current mood could be a long way from what you’d expect given the current allegations made against him.

There has been plenty of controversy over recent days surrounding Vince McMahon, which has led to him temporarily stepping away from his position as Chairman of WWE.

It has been confirmed that Stephanie McMahon will step in to the role on an interim basis, whilst her father is investigated over allegations of misconduct. In an official statement on the investigation, Vince McMahon confirmed that he is cooperating fully with this investigation and will accept the outcome.

The allegation relates to a paralegal who was seemingly involved in a relationship with the WWE Chairman, and was paid a multi-million dollar sum of money for her silence. There has since been speculation that this is not the only case of payments being made for similar situations.

However, it would seem that the allegations have not dampened the spirits of Vince McMahon. According to PWInsider, backstage in preparation for his appearance on Friday Night SmackDown, McMahon was in a “great mood”, and that he was laughing and joking in his conversations despite everything circulating around him.

It is also noted by the report that no mention was given during the production meeting prior to the show of the allegations against Vince McMahon, and that there was a “weird” atmosphere whilst it took place. Furthermore, it would seem that details of what would be said were not mentioned during the meeting.

Top WWE stars have since reacted to the opening of the blue brand’s show on 17th June 2022, whilst there has been little heard about McMahon since the show.