Triple H Worked Completely Normal Jobs Before Pro Wrestling

Triple H

Triple H wasn’t always a professional wrestler, and recently, the WWE Chief Content Officer would reveal what his first jobs were before entering into the realm of sports entertainment.

The “King of All Kings” would launch his career in pro wrestling in the early 90’s, working in the independent circuit until he signed with WCW in 1994, but that stint wouldn’t last long. Triple H would only be in the promotion for a year before joining WWE in 1995, and has been with the company ever since.

Most fans of “The Game” are already aware of his job working for a gym before getting into wrestling, but recently in an interview with Sports Business Journal, Triple H revealed that he also worked as a Wendy’s cook, as well as a paperboy.

“It depends on if you count paperboy as a job. I made money at it. I even had an employee because my sister was older than me and made her do most of the work and then I collected all the money and paid her something on the side. But first job I ever worked at was cook at Wendy’s.”

Triple H is most notable for being a 14-time world champion in professional wrestling, as well as founding the legendary D-Generation X stable.

H/T Sportskeeda