Triple H Provides Update On Sasha Banks Status With WWE

Triple H has provided a bit of an update on the status of Sasha Banks.

Since shaking up the professional wrestling world by walking out of an episode of Monday Night RAW, alongside Naomi, Sasha Banks hasn’t been seen on WWE programming. Fans and media alike have pondered about the status of both Banks and Naomi, ever since, however, Triple H has broken the silence (kind of) when it comes the company’s side of things regarding Banks’ potential future in WWE.

Triple H provided a bit of an update on what went wrong with Banks and would delve into what he thinks of ‘The Boss’ when speaking with BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani.

“Time will tell. Time will tell. In a lot of ways, communication breakdowns are terrible. There was a communication breakdown there, for whatever reason. Starting back up that communication, it’s not a difficult process, but it’s a process, and you have to go through the process. She’s an unbelievably talented young woman that can do just about anything she wants. It just comes down to, what does she want to do now with her life, her career, whatever that is.

The passion, clearly, for what we do, there is a passion for other things as well. It comes down to what does she want to do? It has to be right for her. It has to be right for everybody. She is, as you’ve seen over the course of her career of coming into the PC [Performance Center] at NXT, is an unbelievable performer that I believe in with everything I have. That is one of the biggest stars in our business. It’s just what she wants to do.”

While fans are eager to see Banks (and Naomi) return to WWE programming, Triple H and co. have a major event to take care of in the meantime as the company are set to host their first major premium live event in the UK in over thirty years when Clash At The Castle takes place, tomorrow, Saturday, September 3 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. TJR’s official preview for Clash At The Castle can be found by clicking here.

TJR will provide any updates on the status of both Banks and Naomi as they become available.

(h/t to InsideTheRopes for the transcription)