Triple H Details Gruesome Undertaker Injury

The Undertaker stares down Triple H at WWE WrestleMania 28 XXVIII

Being one of the top performers in the world often brings with it the potential for nasty injuries, as The Undertaker has discovered on a number of occasions.

The Undertaker is, without doubt, the most polarising WWE Superstar in history. ‘The Deadman’ was at the top of the WWE food chain for the duration of his nearly three-decade tenure, officially retiring following his Boneyard match vs. AJ Styles in 2020 but between his first and last encounter, ‘Taker suffered some rather brutal injury setbacks.

One such injury reportedly left The Undertaker’s ear hanging off. Triple H detailed helping his former rival by applying pressure to the wound on a flight back to North America during his appearance on the SPORTbible Stories podcast:

“‘Taker got his ear clipped open by Steve’s [‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin] knee brace. We had to get on a plane immediately following the event, like I remember we came in our gear and changed at the airport. We got on the charter and flew back to the US and we were still in our gear.

‘Taker’s ear was like hanging, we got a plastic surgeon and we gotta meet him in the States. I stood for the longest time on a seat behind him, putting pressure on his head and his ear cause once you get up at pressure, you’ll bleed like a stuck pig.”

It wasn’t detailed when, exactly, the injury took place but thankfully, The Undertaker made a full recovery.

Among other injuries sustained by ‘The Phenom’ include pyro blowing up in his face at Elimination Chamber 2010, a concussion so severe that he doesn’t remember much, if any, of his WrestleMania XXX match vs. Brock Lesnar, and a crushed cheekbone that came following a botched clothesline from the late Mabel.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.