Tony Khan Gives Paul Wight Update

Paul Wight

AEW owner Tony Khan has provided fans with an update on the status of Paul Wight.

Over 20 years in WWE, most thought that Wight would remain with the company until his retirement, but Wight had other plans when he signed with AEW in February 2021. Since being with Khan’s brand, he’s mainly been a part of AEW Dark: Elevation’s commentary team, with occasional appearances in the squared circle.

The last time that Wight was involved with in-ring action was on Dark: Elevation back on March 30. In that match, he would face off against Austin Green, where he would pick up a victory. It was also his first match since returning from a second hip replacement that he underwent in December 2021.

Recently, Tony Khan appeared on “My Mom’s Basement” with Robbie Fox for an interview, where he gave an update on the seven-time world champion. The AEW owner, president and general manager said that when Wight returns from his current injury, he’ll become a consistent part of their programming.

“Paul, seeing him up and around has been great. Paul Wight is such an awesome presence in pro wrestling and when he’s healthy, and can be on the shows again, you know, I want to feature Paul. Unfortunately, a lot of his time in AEW has been hurt. He’s great on commentary when he’s been able to travel. I think that’s something, he has a great future quite frankly. I think he’s worked really, really hard at it and deserves opportunities there. So I have a lot of great things to say about Paul Wight.”

Originally appearing in WCW as “The Giant,” Paul Wight made his debut in professional wrestling in 1995. During his stint with the company, he would win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions, and would also be a WCW Tag Team Champion before he left for WWE in 1999.

There, he would be known as the “Big Show,” winning the WWE Championship twice, WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the same tally, and also WWE’s version of the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

H/T to WrestlingNews.Co for the above transcription.