Tony Khan Delves Into Why He Wears Multiple Hats In AEW

Tony Khan at Full Gear

Tony Khan is Mr. Do It All in AEW because he’s a man that wears many hats.

AEW President Tony Khan has even said it himself. He controls nearly every single aspect of AEW programming.

When appearing on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Khan explained that he holds so many roles in the company, simply because he believes the best way to run a professional wrestling promotion is to have one single voice controlling the company from the top all the way to the bottom:

“People say I keep my fingers in a lot of pies. You know, whether it is all the creative or the booking of the buildings or how the business is run, but I’ve also seen that it is the most successful way to run a wrestling promotion is to manage the entire thing from the top down and not let people screw you, because if you turn your back, and in this business people will screw you at every turn, I’ve learned, and not just the people that work for you, but anybody from the outside, if you show weakness.”

Khan has certainly has his hands full running the company as of late as now-former AEW World Champion, CM Punk was involved in a backstage scuffle with former AEW World Trios Champions, Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson of The Elite following the company’s All Out pay-per-view, last weekend.

The latest on the altercation between Punk and The Elite can be found by clicking here.

H/T to Wrestling Observer Newsletter and talkSPORT.