The Rock Discusses Possibility Of Joining WWE As An Executive

The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has discussed whether or not he would ever consider joining WWE in an executive capacity.

The Rock has spent the past decade or so appearing for WWE on a sporadic basis only. After his long feud with John Cena that led to two “once in a lifetime” matches, Rock has been used for surprise appearances and promos for the most part. He hasn’t done anything physical beyond perhaps a Rock Bottom or two and has devoted much of his screen time to being funny and insulting WWE’s regular roster.

But despite his lack of a physical role in WWE, many have wondered if The Rock would ever work for WWE as an executive. Many fans have claimed that someone as creative, charismatic, successful, and determined as The Rock would be an excellent addition to WWE’s backstage or corporate environments.

That very question was asked in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Unfortunately, Rock didn’t give a straight answer:

“Nick [Khan] and I have talked about that, and we always enjoy that over a bottle of Teremana [Johnson’s tequila brand]. I love the wrestling business. I grew up in it. My grandfather [and] my dad started here in Canada, where [his father] was born. So, I’m not quite too sure if a board seat is in my future, but possibly other things are in my future, for sure.”

One thing wrestling fans shouldn’t expect to see in The Great One’s future is a run to become President of the United States.