Sting Reveals Recovery From Recent Surgery

Sting AEW

Sting revealed that he recently underwent surgery.

At the age of 63, Sting remains a fixture in professional wrestling decades after making his debut. Currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, he can regularly be found on AEW programming alongside his ally Darby Allin, and he’s still competing in occasional matches. His last in-ring bout took place as recently as November, where he and Allin teamed to defeat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett at AEW Full Gear.

During an appearance on the K&C Masterpiece, Sting revealed that he underwent surgery on his knees about six or seven weeks ago, taking care of some lingering issues.

“I just had surgery. It’s been six, seven weeks ago now. Basically just a clean out on my very old knees.”

Sting then turned his attention to the topic of working through injuries, detailing a time during his TNA career that he blew out his shoulders in a match against Kurt Angle.

“Then there’s other times when you’re hurt almost to that point [of not being able to continue] but you can kind of still go on. I did that in TNA with Kurt Angle. Blew both my shoulders out.

The left one was just — it was so bad but I did about two or three more minutes of the match and we finished the match and I went in to see Dr. Andrews, Jim Andrews, still doing surgeries to this day and he’s done about six on my body and he looked at my left shoulder and said, ‘Aw, Steve, I almost closed you right back up because it looked like a bomb went off inside your shoulder. Thought there was nothing I could do.’

He said, ‘I gave one more last tug’ on either the rotator cuff or the labrum. I can’t remember which and he said, ‘I got a little bit of action out of that so I tied ya back up and cleaned ya up but your rehab is gonna be brutal man. You’re gonna have to really baby this thing for a few months, for many months.’”

h/t POST Wrestling