Shawn Michaels Calls Beloved Faction “One Of The Great Success Stories In NXT”

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One NXT faction has really stood out in the eyes of the legendary Shawn Michaels.

When it comes to the NXT stable known as Chase U led by Andre Chase, the brand’s boss Shawn Michaels feels they have been an incredible success story for the brand.

Chase U is made up of their leader Andre Chase, the “MVP” Duke Hudson and the youngest member of the group, 19-year-old Thea Hail. This Sunday at NXT’s Great American Bash, Thea Hail will challenge Tiffany Stratton in a Submission Match for the NXT Women’s Title as Hail tries to be the first person in NXT to capture gold for the group.

During a media conference call ahead of NXT’s Great American Bash Premium Live Event, Shawn Michaels spoke about Chase U with a lot of praise.

“I think, Chase U as a whole, I think that’s one of the great success stories of NXT. You know, I think they started off as a group that might have just been something that was fun, enjoyable, but almost like, I don’t know, an every man’s a lower card stable, so to speak. But they have just turned into something incredibly special. And as you say, one of our most popular, you know, stables, I think well, maybe not WWE, but certainly in NXT.”

“And they’ve just continued to rise, continued to get better. But yeah, so I definitely think I think both Duke and Chase, whether it be in a tag team, or in a singles area, I think you’re gonna have nothing but more success in their future. That’s the great thing about them being such a cohesive unit is that they can darn near do just about anything.”

“You’ve got two individual superstars in Duke and Chase, but they’re also a fantastic tag team. So right now the focus is just on Thea Hail obviously, taking on Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Championship this weekend at Great American Bash, but I have no doubt that we’re gonna see a lot more of Chase University as a whole in the future.”

The last time Hail faced Stratton, Hail made Stratton tap out, but the referee never saw it. This time if the referee sees it, Hail will be the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Will Shawn Michaels Ever Wrestle Again?

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that is considered by many people one of the best in-ring and all-around performers of all time, Shawn Michaels likely gets asked about one more match all the time. Michaels retired in 2010 after having an epic match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. There was one more match in the main event of Crown Jewel 2018 to team with Triple H against The Undertaker and Kane, but it wasn’t a good showing for any of them.

When asked recently if he wanted to wrestle again, Michaels made it clear: “No. I absolutely don’t think about that at all anymore.” He is focused on his job as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative which is running the NXT brand among other things.

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