Shane McMahon Threatened To Kill Bruce Prichard And Michael Hayes

Shane McMahon

Once upon a time, Shane McMahon wanted to kill Bruce Prichard and Michael Hayes.

Shane McMahon, former Executive Vice President of Global Media for WWE, allegedly threatened to murder Bruce Prichard, as well as Michael Hayes, two of the biggest executives in the company, and the threats were dished out by McMahon because Stephanie McMahon, his sister.

Former lead WWE writer Brian Gewirtz has written a book titled “There’s Just One Problem…: True Tales from the Former, One-Time, 7th Most Powerful Person in WWE,” and in it, Gewirtz claimed that Prichard and Hayes prepared Stephanie for her role. Gewirtz would also make a more powerful allegation involving Stephanie, Prichard and Hayes: Shane McMahon threatened to kill both Prichard and Hayes, and this before Stephanie would make her first appearance as a XFL sideline reporter.

“Before she did her first on camera in the stands, Shane pulled Michael and Bruce aside. ‘I just want you two to know, I love you both like family, but if anyone lays a hand on my sister, I will legitimately kill you.’ Just the type of thing you want to hear before leading a famous person into a drunken mob,”

Gewirtz also made the claim that a WWE veteran wanted the promotion to fire The Undertaker.

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